When it comes to music, London takes pride in having produced The Beatles. This English rock band made history owing to its four members and the rock and roll songs they created that the world still loves up to now.

Formed in Liverpool in 1960, the Fab Four gained popularity in the United Kingdom right after their first hit entitled “Love Me Do” released in 1962. During the most part of their career, the band recorded their songs at the Abbey Road Studios. The recording studio is named after its location, Abbey Road in London’s Westminster area particularly along St John’s Wood. Read More

The city of London is home to numerous tourist attractions that a one-day tour won’t be enough. Whether it’s the well-known spots or the less frequented ones you want to visit, there’s every opportunity to explore them at your own time and pace.

Various tour options are available to visitors in London. But if you want the more affordable ones, a bicycle tour is perfect.

Going around the city on two wheels with a tour guide provides a unique experience and many benefits (social, environmental, health and financial). It lets you see the sights on a more personal level in a fun way and you help keep your body fit at the same time. Read More

While London is often explored by land, one of the best ways to see the city’s amazing views is through a cruise via the river or canal. The Thames River cruise is a popular choice in the city but if you want to explore the hidden gems, a Regent Canal cruise provides a different view and offers an opportunity to see the city’s natural wildlife.

Considered as London’s best kept secrets, the Regent Canal features eight and a half stretch of waterway and boasts of wildflowers, butterflies, cormorants, heron and moorhens. In addition, there are many notable structures you will see along the way as your boat goes down the Canal. The Regent’s Canal connects to the River Thames at the Limehouse Basin where all types of boats can be found.

Sights to See

The Canal Theatre Cafe is one of the sights to see during your cruise. Situated in Little Venice, it is where the longest running comedy show in the world takes place. Read More