England’s favourite takeaway dish for a long period of time, fish and chips has always been a typical English food. All English communities, especially the working class, have found themselves in love with fish and chips as it provides them with tasty and healthy sustenance after long working days. Central to the fish and, Read More

The current Prime Minister is Tony Blair, the leader of the New Labour Party. The Labour Party won an overall majority of ‘seats’ in the last two General Elections. Tony Blair lives at 10 Downing Street, the traditional and official residence of the Prime Minister, in London. The House has seen many a famous, Read More

In England we have a popular term; “Do’s and Dont’s”. This basically means a list of things one should or should not do in a given situation. Here is a fun list of things to consider when in England or dealing with English people! Do pay as you consume – Pay for drinks as, Read More

There is a general perception that everyone in England speaks with a plummy English accent. This is not true. In England, there are a wide range of accents that have developed and lived on for a long period of time. Foreigners may have difficulty understanding all these different accents. In England, the main accent, Read More

Over the past few years, there has been a new culture in England which is fast becoming a widespread epidemic. Everywhere you go in England you’ll see Chavs. They normally hang around their favourite “Maccy D” (MacDonalds) outlet, off licence waiting to nick free booze or just the streets where they try at every, Read More

Stamps for the sending of letters and parcels can now be purchased online, whereupon the stamp enthusiast will quickly notice that they lack the graceful portrait of our dear Queen. A tradition dating back one hundred and sixty years, the Monarch’s head on our stamps is something particularly English. Indeed, we started the craze, Read More

CCTV cameras have been installed in Middlesbrough that not only record and monitor you in public but can now talk at you too. The new speaker system has been installed to allow camera operators to berate members of the public when they misbehave, using such tried and tested phrases as: “Would the gentleman with, Read More

The BBC reports that a youngster of eighteen killed himself after viewing ‘pro-suicide’ websites on the internet. While it is understandable that the parents would be looking for someone other than themselves to blame for their son’s decision to kill himself, it is hardly logical to blame the internet. There are several things wrong, Read More

A recent study has revealed that young people in England are among the worst behaved in Europe. The study was based on a range of indicators, including drink, drugs and violence. It is also found that as many as 50% of antisocial behaviour orders are now breached and many unruly teens even regard them, Read More