My name is Sine and I am from Thailand. Here’s some of my story. I’m here in England!! Even though it has been nearly 5 years of living in England, I never forget my strange feeling at the first moment I was in England. Let’s start from the weather (I know everybody loves talking, Read More

Hammasa Kohistani, famously chosen to be the “English” entry into the Miss World contest last year, has spoken publically about the societal rift between Muslims and British people in England.There are several observations I would like to make over her comments, reprinted below: “The attitude towards Muslims has got worse over the year. Also, Read More

In mid January a whale was found in the Thames River, London. It died the next day as environmentalists attempted to lead it to deeper waters. It was believed that the whale had taken a wrong turning and rather than meeting the atlantic drift where it could relax and chow down on some squid,, Read More

Another site has cropped up; As the name suggests, the plan is to work a sort of active petition for the creation of an official holiday celebrating St. George and all that is English (or Turkish.. depending on who you ask about St. George). Graham from the site has been in touch to, Read More

I’ve returned from London after an enjoyable weekend up there. You can view the photos from my trip over at the photo album. The flats pictured there are part of the building I stayed in. They are a group of flats in Chelsea, which is a part of London known for ‘high-society’ living., Read More

Here continues our blog on English Do’s and Dont’s – those things you should and should not do when in England or with English people! You can read from the beginning here. Do not stare at people! – It is considered impolite to look at someone too long when you do not know them, Read More

The class system in England has some very historical roots, as I expect most class systems do. Before I go any further, let’s have a look at some basics. What do you mean by ‘Class’. Is it like school? Erm, no. The word has a couple of other meanings, and here I mean it, Read More

When people actually use the word ‘England’, they often mean ‘Great Britain’ or ‘The United Kingdom’. When used this way, the word never actually means ‘England.’ The history of the British Isles is a long and typically confused one. The United Kingdom is made up of England (capital: London), Wales (capital: Cardiff) and Scotland, Read More

If you’re from Kent, a county in England, you may very well be spending the day recovering from the annual festivities of Hop Hoodening. This very English festival is celebrated throughout the country because historically Kent was the main producer of Hop. Nowadays much of this grip on the market has been lost, inevitably,, Read More

The government have released details of a report that speculates that by the year 2010 England will contain over 12 million obese adults and over 1 million obese children. This speculation relies on the current rates of obesity being maintained. Estimates for obesity rates in 2010: Men 28% – 33% Women 28% – 31%, Read More