The day itself should not be associated with the usual boxing sport that most of us watch over the famous world sports channels such as HBO and ESPN. Rather, Boxing Day is also known as St. Stephen’s day where people share food and is a national holiday for the families and friends to share, Read More

England is known to house the best names in the music industry, covering that of rock, jazz and pop music. A lot of the known names in the music industry today have made their mark in most parts of the world. Music artists such as The Beatles, Led Zepellin, The Rolling Stones, and Queen, Read More

The name should not be taken literally since similar to most adages, this is simply a name christened to unique conceptualized meals that the English have developed. And for the sake of clearing things out, no frogs or toads are included in it! Seriously, it is simple egg and toast presented in a unique, Read More

Tea, usually associated to have originated in China, was also a common tradition that England practiced especially in the afternoons. It was Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford who introduced the afternoon tea practice stemming from her knack of becoming hungry in the afternoons during her time. English tea and biscuits made their way, Read More

Each country has a different belief with regards to spending their daily lives at any day of the week. The usual weekdays of Monday to Friday are considered as working days, similar to that of most countries today. Saturday is an option for others to make as a working day or not, but for, Read More

In England, the two main ways to assess students’ performances are coursework and exams respectively. The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has recently proposed to scrap coursework in favour of full scale exams because according to their report, coursework has become less valid. People have argued that nerves often get the better off them in, Read More

One of the most controversial debates of the day in England is about the recent comments by Jack Straw that Muslim women should remove their veils because they act as a threat to national integration and English values and culture. I totally understand that people should be allowed to dress the way they wish., Read More

To many people, the English have apparently been laughing at themselves for yonks. They just love laughing at their very own foibles. Some say it is because they have been pompous for such a long time and as such become so self-important that they have a strong sense of their own ludicrousness. Maybe it, Read More

The media, or ‘Press’, in England is world famous for some good and some bad reasons. The good reasons include that it’s not censored – anyone can write anything they like as long as it does not incite violence or hatred. This freedom of the press is an important English tradition, but it wasn’t, Read More

There is no doubt that the modern English family is very different to any English families of the past. There has been a steady rise in the number of single-person households in England, the numbers ranging from 15% in the 1970s to 30% in 2000. Many estimations state that in a further 30 years,, Read More