Ideally, house roofs would be made by usual stone or concrete carvings to top of beautifully constructed houses anywhere in the world. But in Britain, thatching roofs through the use of straw of grasses has been noticeable and have actually been an attraction to it, a practice that dates back to the Bronze Ages, Read More

April 1 has always been known to be the day that everyone would term as April Fools Day. It is a day where friends and pranksters play jokes on their friends and colleagues. British customs call for it to be done before noon, otherwise, the joke would boomerang with the known rhyme “April Fool, Read More

England is known to be a country that is quite passionate on the sports it plays in. Among them, football and rugby are the two most famous sports that draws the attention of all English people, especially when tournaments and events are in season. Rugby is somehow similar to football where a player would, Read More

One of the more popular sports today is football. While everyone is aware of the American style of football that the National Football League (NFL) offers, England also has its share of wide followers for this game that they consider among their national sports. Football in England is very much followed and since people, Read More

Each year come November 30, people would celebrate St. Andrew’s day, the recognized patron saint of Scotland. For people who know their history, many would not that Andrew is among the 12 disciples of Jesus. It is believed that he was crucified as well on an x-shaped cross which in turn has become the, Read More

When a person would talk about football, it would immediately point towards the NFL of the Americans. But England has its share of love for the sport, mostly participating in the league that has now been acclaimed worldwide, that of which is the UEFA league. Soccer is a sport that has garnered quite an, Read More

Depending on the sensitivity of a person, names used to call someone who may be around would get the wrong idea since they are simply easily identifying factors to note on the person in the way that they would perhaps describe them. To other cultures, this may be a bad way of citing a, Read More