Everyone is familiar with having desert at the end of a good meal. Deserts can take the form of ice cream, cakes and other known sweets to top of an appetizing meal. In Britain, pudding is something that is known as a common desert to consume. Pudding is usually composed of bread, or other forms of cakes, paired with various add-ons such as raisins, alcohol and vanilla. Pudding is prepared in different ways, and the variants would depend on what the server would normally want to offer to their customers.

British Pudding

Pudding can be paired with other deserts as well. It is in particular that ice cream is normally the first option to be paired with it. Fruits are also another good addition to the normal pudding servings. Some also make unique sauces to complement the pudding served, making it something different from the usual cakes and pastries that are offered as deserts for people after a hearty meal.

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