Christmas being a festive season, it is no wonder that people all over the world consider music to be a huge part of the celebrations. Can you just imagine Christmas without all those happy and cheerful songs playing all throughout the season? That would be plain boring. Something would definitely be missing. So where, Read More

The spirit of Christmas is all about giving and sharing – not only gifts but time well spent with the ones that matter to you most. What better way to get together than over a sumptuous feast? Much like other people in different parts of the world celebrate Christmas Day, the English get together, Read More

The Twelve Days of Christmas is widely known all over the world, thanks largely to the Christmas song that we all hear. But not many know about its origins. In fact, the Twelve Days of Christmas was first celebrated in England in the 16th century. It was in the 17th century – the first, Read More

People love to read and hear poetry and other literary arts. Some would listen and learn from their message to the reader while some would simply be amazed at how they were constructed with such enthusiasm and imagination. Whatever the case may be, English literature has been known to be rich and capable of, Read More