Every year, many families in Britain make it a point to go out of town for the holidays – much like people in other countries, as a matter of fact. For this year, today marks the beginning of a mass exodus out of the major cities into the countryside, spilling over to the bordering, Read More

Here’s the last installment for this series – the last of the ten ages of Christmas. World War II Christmas This event changed the course of history all over the world and the way the English celebrated Christmas was not spared from change. Because of the hardships that the war brought about, the English, Read More

Late Victorian We featured Father Christmas in a previous post but let’s talk a bit about him once again. He dates back to the late Victorian period (even way before this actually) and became really popular at this point. BBC describes the Late Victorian Christmas in relation to Father Christmas as: In medieval England, Read More

Georgian and Regency Christmas The subdued atmosphere and celebrations of the Restoration Christmas did not really become popular in England. After this period, the Georgian and Regency period entered. Quite naturally, the kings and queens of this era became the focal point of many celebrations. It was also during this time that the Twelfth, Read More

Christmas as we know it today was not always like this. Over the centuries, Christmas has evolved in so many ways that we may not even recognise the way that the early British celebrated their Christmas. This is the first part of a mini-series on the 10 Ages of Christmas, starting from the Medieval, Read More

Different people with different backgrounds usually have their own symbol for Christmas. It cannot be denied, however, that Father Christmas (St. Nicholas or Santa Claus to others) is one of the strongest symbols related to this holiday. Though some may not really hold the idea in high esteem, it remains a fact that Father, Read More

There is no doubt about it – popular British culture has Nigella Lawson as one of its icons. This celebrity chef has been labeled a domestic goddess and any concoction she whips up in her kitchen is sure to be a hit – whether in the UK or other countries. Recently, BBC teamed up, Read More

Who does not appreciate a fine cake during Christmas? To give you a taste of British food for Christmas dinner, here is a recipe from BritainExpress. I don’t know about you but it sure looks promising! Ingredients 12oz Currants 12ozs Golden raisins 8oz Raisins 8oz Brown sugar 8oz Butter or Margarine 10oz Flour 4oz, Read More