If there is a place that you should not miss on a trip to England, it is the nearest local pub. Many people associate the British culture with regular visits to the pub – and rightly so. As Jed says in his blog The London Traveler, “you will never have a hope of understanding, Read More

Here are several other points wherein British English and American English differ. Possession This is another area wherein there are marked differences between American and British English. You would normally hear an American say “I don’t have much time.” while an Briton would say “I haven’t got much time.” For the question form, Americans, Read More

For quite a long time now, English has informally been considered as the official language of the world. There are many considerations before any language can be deemed the official means of communication for all countries, of course, and as such there has not been a formal declaration of this but for anyone who, Read More

Perhaps the most prevalent idea about the British is how cool and calm they are – the famous stiff upper lip attitude. For some, this attitude has negative connotations, but what is it really all about? I read this very interesting post about the British stiff upper lip that gave me a totally different, Read More

What started out as a social experiment has caught the interest of people from all corners of the world. I am talking about Botton, a village located in the North Yorkshire Moors. So what makes this village so interesting? It is home to about 300 people – most of whom have learning disabilities and, Read More

The British have never been really known for their technology – this honor is usually attributed to the US and Japan. However, University of Edinburgh is set to make a name for itself and its country with the unveiling of HECToR, Britain’s fastest supercomputer to date. What is HECToR all about? Well, it just, Read More

Snooker is one of the most popular sports in England today and has a long and colorful history. It is played by many countries around the world, in particular those who have had British influence in their history. It may sometimes be mistaken as being synonymous with the American billiards but there are marked, Read More


Motor car enthusiasts look up to this brand with respect – and why not? Aside from its beauty and performance, it is one of the symbols of status with its price tag. The Jaguar was founded in 1922 by William Lyons and William Walmsley, two motorcycle enthusiasts. They named their company Swallow Sidecar Company., Read More

Dog lovers may adore the English bulldog but there is nothing but a British Shorthair for cat lovers. This breed may very well be the oldest purebred cat from England. Another name for the British Shorthair is British Blue. A very good characteristic of the British Shorthair is its temperament. It is rather quite, Read More

Dog lovers all over the world cannot help but adore this breed. Today, there are many other breeds of bulldogs, with the American bulldog being one of the most popular. For many, this is THE bulldog that they know. Yet, actually, this type of bulldog originates from the English bulldog, a gentle and friendly, Read More