Why visit Britain? I could think of a hundred and one reasons to do so. You have fish and chips, the River Thames, the London Museum, and more. According to Lost Weekend, however, the biggest attraction drawing people from all over the world to the UK these days is none other than the wizard, Read More

Oasis may not be the household name today that it was many years ago but a recent vote propelled them to the top of the charts once again. The UK Press tells the story: Britpop veterans Oasis have demonstrated their place in music lovers’ hearts by securing first and second places in a new, Read More

Most every major city in various countries all over the world is the same in this respect – they host people from other countries and as a result, become cultural melting pots. London is no different in this regard. In fact, it could be safe to say that London is even more special when, Read More

Are you? Then I suggest going out of your comfort zone (I am assuming the cities) and foray out into the countryside. There is no doubt that you can find a lot of good food in the cities – many of which may come from other cultures due to the large number of immigrants., Read More

I know this is one day late but I just became aware of a Valentine’s Day campaign in Britain for this year. Though it is a day after Valentine’s Day, I am sure you can still do something to help out this cause. So what is it all about? Arena Flowers, one of Britain’s, Read More

Here is more of Miss Scribbler’s list on why she is proud to be British. Let’s see which of these we can relate to. Tea-drinking. A Canadian once said to me that she thought it was a joke that all we drink during the day is tea. She thought it was hilarious just how, Read More

I ran across a very interesting and funny post about being a nationalistic Brit. I never really realized it but there just might be truth in what Miss Scribbler says in her blog – that “the UK is probably the very least patriotic country in Europe.” I am sure that many will disagree with, Read More

Music is something that is common to all cultures. It is an element that, for some reason, is very important to people. One of the best things about music is that it is not static. Though there will always be constant elements – that which we dub as the classics – changes in music, Read More

When I think of London, I cannot help but think of Buckingham Palace as well. In fact, it is a must for any visitor to the city. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Royal Family in London and is the venue for state occasions and other royal events. Of course, it is, Read More

Now that we’ve looked at the background of the English pub, let’s look at modern day English pubs and see what they have to offer. Again, I have Jed to thank for the particulars in this post. Closing time If you are looking for an all nighter, the English pub is not the place, Read More