When it comes to fashion, British brands are not always the foremost things to come to mind. There is, however, something new that the UK has to offer in terms of street wear – Aerosoul. To be honest, I do not own any item from Aerosoul but from what I have seen, it would, Read More

With the latest rage of celebrity chefs having their own TV shows and whatnot, it is not a surprise that one of the older generations of cooks has come out to play once again. Delia Smith is one of the greatest cooks in the UK. She has not really made it big in the, Read More

I saw this article (How Gay Became Children’s Insult Of Choice) on BBC last week and I couldn’t help but be curious and sad at the same time. The article starts with: The word “gay” is now the most frequently used term of abuse in schools, says a report. How did it get to, Read More

Anyone who has tried learning English and not knowing that there is a difference between the variations of English used around the world would know how confusing it could sometimes be. The mere fact that there is what we call American English and British English provides for some confusion in itself. Add to that, Read More

And I can’t even get a prescription! Ha ha, here is a piece of odd news that I read on the Telegraph’s site: Increasing numbers of British pets are being given Prozac to help them battle against depression, a leading veterinary expert has revealed. Tropical birds such as parrots are the worst affected by, Read More

Easter has always been a good time to get away from the city and soak up some sun in other places. This year, however, it seems that traveling at Easter may not be a good idea at all. According to reports, travelers will be experience longer delays than usual. This is due to several, Read More

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. It may not be as festive as Christmas, but its meaning never ceases to make me pause for a while and reassess my beliefs once again. In the UK, Easter does not mean differently from how other culture perceives it. The tradition of Easter, Read More

Shame on me – I never really associated this delectable baked goodie with Easter until I read Julie’s post about it in her blog, A Mingling of Tastes. She shares: Even though I was Catholic growing up, I probably never would have eaten a hot cross bun if it weren’t for that cute little, Read More

Ever heard of this? If you’re not British then the chances are that you have not. Simnel cake is traditionally considered to be especially associated with Easter in Britain. Though not everyone has a Simnel cake for Easter anymore, they can still be seen in shops during this particular season. Simnel cake is actually, Read More

Indeed, why? There are countless universities all over the world which offer high quality education. Why would a student single out the UK to get his or her education? Then again, why not? Well I suppose a quarter million students from various countries around the world cannot be wrong. This is the estimated number, Read More