Stonehenge is probably one of the most recognised sites in the world. Once people see a picture of Stonehenge, the image probably rings a bell even if they might not know exactly what it is. As a matter of fact, Stonehenge is a monument that dates back to prehistoric times. It can be found, Read More

Music lovers are sure to find the Glastonbury Festival something to look forward to. The UK has long been known to be home to some of the world’s best musical acts. Whether they are groups (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis) or individuals (Sir Elton John, Amy Winehouse), the British is no doubt quite, Read More

Umm, how about no? I know that in some parts of the world, frog legs are considered a delicacy but I am not THAT adventurous. Lucky for me (and people like me), toad in the hole has nothing to do with this particular animal. In fact, it is a traditional dish prepared for breakfast, Read More

I honestly would not have known what people were talking about if I heard them say “swan upping.” Quite logically, it must have something to do with swans. But what about swans? Well, in the UK, swan upping is somewhat of an important event. It is actually an activity that has a dual purpose, Read More

The UK is not a very popular destination for Americans these days simply because of the fact that the dollar is weak while the pound continues to be strong. However, this should not really dissuade Americans from visiting the UK – especially those who like to go shopping. If you have not heard about, Read More

Are you in the mood for something different? Are you tired of visiting towns and cities that have the same things to offer over and over again? If you are, then you might want to head on over to the town of Totnes in Devon. Visitors to this town have one common thing to, Read More

Britain and its culture is not normally known for being eclectic. Yet this is what the newest musical star to come out of Britain stands for. Amy Winehouse recently caught the attention of the whole world with her eclectic music and overall packaging. Who is Amy Winehouse? An English-born singer and songwriter, Amy Winehouse, Read More

There are countless different types of beers in the UK – it would take hours and hours of reading and writing to detail each and every one of them. So, I took the easy way out and looked for a broader classification of the beers to be found in the UK. One good way, Read More

There is no doubt about it – beer is the refreshment of choice for majority of the British. Indeed, it has been referred to as the country’s national drink many times over. So what is the big deal about beer? Perhaps, in order to answer this question, it would be necessary to go back, Read More

If there’s one thing about London and culture that any visitor MUST experience, it is the theatre. Of course, when one mentions theatre in relation to London, the foremost thing that would come to mind is the West End. There simply is no alternative – or is there? OffWestEnd proves that though the West, Read More