Are the British really that much into alcohol? Is it really becoming a brand of their culture? If critics were to be believed, then the answer to both questions is a resounding yes. Even one of Britain’s own seems to believe the same thing. Jamie Oliver, world famous celebrity chef, recently voiced out his, Read More

The Beijing Olympics closed yesterday and the torch has been successfully (and grandly, if I may add) passed on to the host of the 2012 Olympics – London. I don’t know about you, but I am quite excited about this. The big even may be 4 years away but as early as now, the, Read More

The British team may not have won the most number of medals at the Beijing Olympics but as this year’s games come to an end, Britain and its culture is set to gain worldwide exposure. We all know that the next Olympic Games, to be held in 2012, are going to be in London., Read More

Every country enters the Olympic Games with hopes of gold. Although there are certain countries who are particularly strong candidates for gold in many events, the hopes of coming home with one is always found within an Olympic athlete. The whole country remains expectant and rejoices with each win. That is why it does, Read More

The youth population in Britain is living with a different ideology, according to David Lammy, the skills minister. I read a report by the Guardian just a few minutes ago: Young men are shunning work and turning to a life of crime as Britain develops a “get rich or die trying” culture, the country’s, Read More

The 2008 Beijing Olympics is well underway and many a hope for gold has been dashed. Yet things are looking rosy for Britain as Rebecca Adlington has fulfilled a nation’s dream for gold. Adlington is a swimmer who competed in the 400 meter freestyle race. To add icing to the cake, Joanne Jackson got, Read More

It used to be that many people around the world placed nature high above in their list of priorities. Children used to be engaged in activities that would expose them to Mother Nature and that would teach them a healthy appreciation of outdoors. It was not really limited to a specific country, I guess., Read More