Stonehenge has proved to be a mystery for so long now that when I heard about experts finally unveiling some of that mysterious cover, I was not so sure that it was true. Still, what researchers have revealed to the world makes some sense. According to some British researchers, they might have found a, Read More

Michaelmas is coming up very soon – do you know how to prepare that special Michaelmas goose? If not, here is a tried and tested recipe courtesy of Star Chefs. MICHAELMAS GOOSE WITH TRADITIONAL POTATO AND APPLE STUFFING Chef Darina Allen of Ballymaloe Cooking School – County Cork, Ireland Adapted by StarChefs Yield: 8-10, Read More

Festivals and feast days are always important. More than having lots of food and getting together with family and friends, feast days usually have a deeper meaning, a reason for being special. Michaelmas Day is one feast day that takes root in religious tradition. Currently celebrated on the 29th of September, Michaelmas Day is, Read More

What do you get when you put together the effects of hard economic times and attacks on the drinking culture of the British? An unprecedented decline of the British pub, that is what you get. It used to be that the essence of British culture was associated with the pub. Today, however, this seems, Read More

One can expect to taste all sorts of cuisines in London. Being a melting pot of all cultures from the four corners of the world, this is but understandable. I bet that you have not gone to ALL the restaurants in this city. One restaurant that I would like to try – if not, Read More

These past weeks have been a bit crazy because of what has happened – and what is happening on Wall Street. Although they are across the ocean, it does not mean that people in the UK are totally impervious to the goings on over there. The economic crisis certainly has affected people in this, Read More

Although England may not be considered by some people as the fashion capital of the world, it does have a say in the world of fashion. In fact, one of the most happening events was held the other day in Downing Street. In what was touted to be “one of the most stylish events, Read More

If you ever find yourself in Florida and you are craving good old British food, then the place to go would be Piper’s British Corner. Established by Peter Bonnar, who traces his roots to the UK, this British grocery, as locals call it, caters to British tastes. St. Petersburg Times reports: On Wednesday, Bonnar, Read More

Who said that the British cultural influence has declined over the years? If you hear someone talking about this, then you should stand up and prove them wrong! I came across an article written by an American detailing how the British are actually playing a significant role in “educating” them about life. Sean P., Read More