If you tune in to BBC Radio, you would certainly recognise these names. Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are two of the most popular radio show personalities in the UK today. They can give you a really great show, which can help you chase the blues away on any given day. It seems that, Read More

Ever since Prime Minister Gordon Brown took office, he was hell bent on raising the consciousness of the British people on what it means to be British. I suppose that this is quite an understandable effort, especially if you look at other countries who have a distinct sense of nationalism. The Thai people, for, Read More

Festivals are always fun and people come from far and near to join in the festivities. In Britain, though, one of the most popular kinds of festivals is the literary festival. This is the time when people from all walks of life can come together and steep themselves in books and ideas. Literary festivals, Read More

It’s not that they are not doing their jobs. It’s just that, according to the Police Federation, late night drinking puts undue strain on their resources. The Press Association just published a report on the point of view of the Police Federation, which is set to voice their concerns formally to the government. Here, Read More

What is the bonus culture anyway? Take a quick glance at the financial or business section of newspapers – whether online or offline – and you will quickly understand what it is. Big wigs in the commercial and banking industry normally receive huge remuneration packages in exchange for their services. So what is wrong, Read More

I am not sure if today’s kids know that much about Kate Moss. I do remember clearly, however, her being in the news all the time many years ago. What with her waiflike looks and her highly publicised personal struggles, her career was on a constant roller coaster ride. Today, she has been once, Read More