No, it is not the “cool” way of saying Brits. It is in fact a two-part mini-series presented by BBC. Britz is a daring step by the media giant in which they take a closer look at the Muslim culture in the United Kingdom. If you remember, London had its own run in with, Read More

Today I read a feature article about the young black British men who have risen above their circumstances to reach where they are today. I suppose the issue of color has always been around but it has never been at the forefront as much as it is now. This is probably due to many, Read More

People in the UK – and Europe in general – are lucky to have a very good public transportation system. The railway system in particular is very extensive and a lot of British people make use of it on a regular basis. Truth be told, this system may be taken for granted by some,, Read More

The problem of the gap between generations has always existed across the world’s cultures. Think about the relationship between you and your parents. Even if you have the best of relationships at present, I am sure that you had your periods of not understanding each other. The same gap probably existed between your parents, Read More

Recognise these words? If you like Disney films, then I am sure you would. It still evokes images of the cute baby Simba prancing around the wild, singing to his heart’s content. This time, though, it is not a cute little lion that I am thinking of. Instead, the image of an austere Prince, Read More

Remember those days when you had to find a public telephone booth in order to make a call? How many times has one saved you a great deal of trouble? I cannot even begin to count the instances that I thanked the heavens for the presence of a phone box. You can find public, Read More

Today marks a special day in history. For many of the younger generation, it may not mean much more than a vague idea. Still, for many, November 11 is something that we cannot afford to forget for it marks the day that the First World War ended. The red poppy has long been the, Read More

No one knew for sure who was going to win the F1 championship this year. For the longest time, it was Hamilton who was dominating most of the races but you know, in this sport, you can never be sure about the outcome. In the end, Lewis Hamilton proved to be all that his, Read More