No, not Paris, France, although there is not much love lost between the two either. I am actually talking about a totally different kind of Paris; one with a little less appeal than the City of Lights. Paris Hilton arrived in London amidst a flurry of publicity efforts. She was doing anything and everything, Read More

Not too many people are familiar with Superflex but for those who have heard of them, they represent so many things. Superflex is a group of artists who have always been hard to describe. Comprised of Rasmus Nielsen, Jakob Fenger and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, the group has forayed into various projects in the past. They, Read More

Boxing enthusiasts will not need to be informed as to who the man behind this name is. For the benefit of those who are not so updated, Ricky Hatton is one of the newest names to make it big in the world of boxing. Born in 1978 in Stockport, Greater Manchester, he is also, Read More

At least in the world of film. First there was the Golden Globes. Then comes the Oscars. Of course, we also have the British Academy Film Awards. It seems that many many years after that embarrassing prediction of Colin Welland (of Chariots of Fire fame) in 1982, the British are making a comeback in, Read More