The dogs sure look good but are they in good health? According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), veterinary charity PDSA, and BBC the purebred dogs are definitely not in good health. Because of their stand against inbreeding of dogs these RSPCA and PDSA have announced that they, Read More

The beloved queen mother finally has her own statue standing right at the foot of her husband’s, King George VI, statue. The statues, facing Buckingham Palace, was created by sculptor Philip Jackson. It shows the queen mother, at the same age of King George VI statue (51 years old), smiling while wearing her velevet, Read More

Talk about having no regard for the law! You’d think any criminal will have at least a tiny sense of self-preservation and so stay away from doing anything to piss of the Justice Secretary but the hackers that tapped into his email apparently aren’t afraid of him, probably because they’re not under his jurisdiction., Read More

As I am writing this piece, my eyes alternate between the telly and my laptop screen. I am so tempted to just do away with the laptop and keep my eyes glued to the telly. Good thing I have a propensity for multi-tasking – I make use of my ears as well! Oh, and, Read More