bildeThe frumpy little lady from Scotland has captured the hearts and affection of countless people from all over the world. No one expected such a sweet and passionate voice to come out of her when she stepped out on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, least of all the judges. From the moment she sang the first note, however, her destiny was set.

Her success is not all sugar and spice and everything nice, however. Late last week, for example, Susan Boyle headed over to a salon to get a new do and slightly polish her original look. When she came out, gone was her frizzy gray hair, replaced by wavy shiny auburn. Her eyebrows were plucked, and her clothes sleeker.

One would think that everyone would be happy about the new look. After all, no one can deny that she looks so much better – and to be honest, we still see the Susan Boyle that sang I Dreamed A Dream. Now why are people saying that the TV execs will not like the new look? Come on people, give her a break. Wouldn’t you want to style yourself up even just a tad if you were under the limelight every single day?

On another note, Susan Boyle has her own Facebook page now and goodness, she has garnered over a million fans already! I do not know if she actually opens her account and looks through the messages, but if I were here, I definitely would!

alg_pig_testingThe health authorities in the country are on alert due to a case of swine flu. The infected man is an employee of the British Airways. He just came back from a flight originating from Mexico City, Mexico, when he exhibited symptoms. He was subsequently taken to Northwick Park Hospital, where he was immediately treated in an isolation unit.

According to a spokesman from the hospital, the patient “has flu-like symptoms and is responding well to treatment. The patient was admitted directly to a side room and the hospital is scrupulously following infection control procedures to ensure there is no risk to any other individual in the hospital.”

While the alert is up, there is really no need for Brits to panic at this point as the situation was contained very early on. As mentioned above, the man is in an isolation unit, barring any contamination to the outside world. More so, his case is not yet 100 per cent confirmed that it is swine flu.

However, doctors at all Heathrow terminals have been put on alert to be on the lookout for any passengers or airline crew who may exhibit flu-like symptoms. This is especially true for flights coming in from Mexico.

The World Health Organization has already issued statements that every other country in the world should take similar precautions as the flu is highly contagious and without proper safety nets in place, it could easily become a widespread pandemic. For now, if you are not travelling too much, you should be safe.

corriGod forbid! While we all know that what we know as America today originated from the Britain of old, the idea of the “colony” influencing the traditions of the “mainland” is something that is just unthinkable! However, if the analyses of various people are to be believed, it might just be that the American culture is fast creeping up on the British culture.

Take for example what is going to happen to the Antiquarius Center on King’s Road. This place is where you can find all sorts of antique things – from cuff links to photos. In the very near future, however, the Center will be demolished to make way for Anthropologie, and American chain, which will feature a fashion emporium. How one can even think about exchanging something as culturally and artistically rich as the Center for a “personality-less chain,” I don’t know!

There are other things that point to our society being influenced by American culture. The stereotypical Englishman wearing a suit and a hat has been replaced by sneakers and blue jeans. The stereotype of bad English teeth is vanishing due to dental procedures that make them straight and pearly white. (Now this one, I really don’t mind.) Psychologists and psychiatrists are fast turning to medication for their patients. Fast food like KFC is becoming more and more popular. American urban music is finding its way into the hearts of the youth. The list goes on and on and on…

But does this really mean that Britain is being Americanised? And if so, is it necessarily all a bad thing?

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