The frumpy little lady from Scotland has captured the hearts and affection of countless people from all over the world. No one expected such a sweet and passionate voice to come out of her when she stepped out on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, least of all the judges. From the moment she, Read More

The health authorities in the country are on alert due to a case of swine flu. The infected man is an employee of the British Airways. He just came back from a flight originating from Mexico City, Mexico, when he exhibited symptoms. He was subsequently taken to Northwick Park Hospital, where he was immediately, Read More

God forbid! While we all know that what we know as America today originated from the Britain of old, the idea of the “colony” influencing the traditions of the “mainland” is something that is just unthinkable! However, if the analyses of various people are to be believed, it might just be that the American, Read More