ducasseYou have to admit it – when it comes to fine cuisine, London is usually not the first city to come to mind. Indeed, even the experts have not given this city as much recognition as they have given to different locations worldwide. And Chef Alain Ducasse totally disagrees with this.

Alain Ducasse has a total of 19 Michelin stars to his name, and knows what he is talking about when it comes to food. He has boldly proclaimed that London is the gastronomic capital of the world and that the city is being sorely overlooked. And despite the number of stars that Michelin has awarded him, Ducasse is not shy to point out their mistake in overlooking London.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the chef shares his sentiments:

There has been a revolution in London in the last 10 years. The restaurant scene is very interesting. Michelin should give it more stars; it’s mean. You should interview the editor and ask him why [he doesn’t]. London is the most important city in the world for restaurants. It was level with New York, but the product has developed more here in the last five years. I think Michelin is a bit conservative.

He points out that there are countless restaurants in London which offer the best in the world. He also highlights the fact that the variety of food that you can find in the city is comparable to none. He even went as far as to compare Paris and London based on this point – and guess which came out on top?

I wonder what the people at Michelin are thinking right now…

pink-and-blue-heterosexual-gender-symbols1Things are about to change big time for Bradley Cooper, a 16-year-old British boy from Hull, East Yorkshire. Hold your horses – it’s definitely not the Bradley Cooper that has made it big in Hollywood. This Bradley Cooper actually calls himself Ria, and he has been dressing (and behaving) like a girl since he was 12 years old.

Recently, he was informed that he can undergo a sex change operation costing £10,000. Even better news for the teenager is that the local NHS trust will be paying for the whole thing. The operation will take place anytime in the next year and a half, and this will make Bradley (Ria) they youngest patient in Britain to undergo the procedure. Prior to him, the youngest case was Angel Paris-Jordan, who was almost 18 when she had the procedure done.

Naturally, this decision by the NHS has given rise to a lot of controversy. For one, the issue of sex change has never been widely accepted. There are still a lot of camps who are thoroughly opposed to the idea of homosexuality, much more sex change. Another reason that this story has ruffled a lot of feathers is that the government will be paying for the operation. It is not surprising to hear opinions such as that NHS money can be put to better use.

And what does Ria have to say about that? “I know people might say horrible things like the money could be better spent on other things. But this is my life, and it won’t be worth living unless I have that operation.”