Harrods, England

harrods in london englandHarrods is the most famous shopping mall in England, and probably the world. I made quite a few trips to central London before I ever visited Harrods. To be honest with you, I must say that I have never really been a shopper. However, I reckon that a trip to Harrods is more than a shopping trip. It’s like a visit to the most spectacular museum of shopping.

The place is massive and you are provided with a map as soon as you step your foot into the door that is filled with amazing, luxurious and stylish items. It is simply amazing. There’s always something you would definitely want to buy though everything seems really pricey.

One of my mates used to work in one of the restaurants there and he kept telling me how fascinating it was to work in such an environment where you get to meet an awful lot of people, some of whom the so-called upper class when they come to do their shopping. And the average wage in Harrods is relatively higher than elsewhere too and that’s one of the reasons my mate was quite miserable when he had to leave the job and went home where the wages are peanuts.

It is true that much of the stuff in Harrods can be bought elsewhere, usually at lower prices, but as you may know many people come here simply to get something with the Harrods logo on it. A lot of trade is done in this way, whether the items bought are genuine souvenirs or merely ordinary products but in Harrods packaging.

Another friend of mine got really annoyed with me once when I said to her that the Xmas puddings were much better in Tesco for £1.99 rather than the outrageous 8 Pounds she was about to pay for a Harrods one. My mate then called me ignorant. Well, what was I supposed to say?

I also many times noticed that the owner of Harrods Mohammad Al Fayed had a shrine to his son Dodi and Princess Diana. I had a quick peep and thought it was really tacky. Pictures of the lovely couple and the engagement ring he was about to give her in Paris. I just think that they should be left in peace without any sort of reminders, well at least in a crowded department store like Harrods.

During my time in England I tended to stay clear of this fabulous department store though I was really impressed with it. As far as I’m concerned, most of the people who shop there are too filthy rich and I’d feel uncomfortable dealing with them.

I still remember one day when my good mate insisted that I buy her a nice souvenir from Harrods for her birthday. I had to force myself to take the London Tube all the way to Knightsbridge and upon my arrival, they just sent me to a small area where a lot of cheap souvenirs were sold – I didn’t realise that Chavs are not allowed there!