In England we tend to eat three meals a day. Many people eat their biggest meal in the evening which is often called supper or dinner. Breakfast is usually between 7am and 9am. What do the English eat for Breakfast? Well, this varies alot from person to person and some people skip breakfast altogether, Read More

Women in England are given equal rights to men, and this is a very important part of English society now. It wasn’t always this way, and it took the bravery and courage of some famous women and men to make the change. Here are some simple points about women that may differ to your, Read More

As promised, here is another installment of our light hearted look at English Slang. When a word is indicated by a ‘*’ it means that it is not in common usage nowadays in England, but once was. Oftentimes, slang comes around in phases so one word might not be used now but in future, Read More

Learning English is a difficult task – we fully sympathise with you if you are trying to do it! Most English people do not know the full range and function of the English language – using it is as natural to them as breathing! One all too common complaint made by people attempting to, Read More