Golden Retrievers are ideal English pets that people would usually prefer since they are quite friendly and would rarely bark or attack people. They are usually known for hunting in the early times and for sniffing out drugs. They are good pets to have because their faces look like they are smiling all the, Read More

Recent statistics have revealed that the vast majority of rural post offices in England are not making enough money. The government is now under tremendous pressure to make some tough decisions. There is also a concern that thousands of pensioners living in many rural areas of England could face total isolation if their local, Read More

Darts, a worldwide famous sport today, traces its origins in England where most of the professional dart players today originate. Darts holds the key towards the national past time sport, similar to that of football and basketball which has been a famous activity in parts of America and Asia to date. Darts for its, Read More

Practically the entire world is aware that English is known to be the primary and perhaps universal dialect and language known worldwide. This can be traced to the influence created by the British Empire. It is usually a known second language to other countries who have their own primary language such as China and, Read More