Don’t be embarrassed if you do not know the answer. Reading that question, you probably heard some bells ringing in the background. That is but understandable as Henry Moore is arguably the most celebrated sculptor in the United Kingdom. Born in 30 July 1898 in Castleford, Yorkshire, Henry Moore is perhaps best known all, Read More

When people talk about British sports, the first thing that would probably come to mind would be football, or footsie as enthusiasts like to call it. However, there are other sports that originated in England and one of them is cricket. This sport has been around for centuries and can actually be traced back, Read More

Yes, there is such a thing as English Art, although not too many people may be aware of it. Wikipedia actually defines English Art as “body of visual arts originating from the nation of England, in the form of a continuous tradition.” This kind of art was actually only defined in 1956 by Nikolaus, Read More

The English language is the universal language, there is no denying that. Well, at least if you are a pragmatic person. There will always be people who would assert that English is not THAT widely spoken. For the sake of this discussion, though, I would like to consider the English language as being used, Read More