While the Americans (and other nationalities of the world) may relish waking up to the aroma of coffee, there is no doubt that the British prefer sipping a hot cup of tea in the morning (and mayhap other parts of the day). I love coffee, I am not denying that, but there are times, Read More

Curry may originally be an Indian dish but there is no doubt that London offers some of the best variants of curry. This could largely be due to the fact that London is a melting pot of cultures and there is a large number of people from South Asia in the city. So, anyway,, Read More

Among the things you could get in order to manage your finances more easily, a calling card is one of the less popular ones. And it’s surprising that it’s so, considering the numerous benefits a good, high-quality calling card can offer you. At the end of the month, when you no longer have to, Read More

Having a great tan continues to be very popular despite numerous studies that show how harmful sunbathing can be for your skin. This is especially true during summer when you can see everyone sporting beautiful dark skin, both on and off the beach. Perhaps, the answer to this is simply that people value beauty, Read More

Not everyone appreciates paintings and other similar works of art. I think this is especially true when it comes to those types of art that are abstract or a bit on the unique side. I think I am one of those people. However, I found a site which features the British culture through paintings, Read More

Calling cards, usually similar to credit cards or bank ATM cards in shape and size, come in two variations. Standard phone cards have a fixed load limit that you have to consume. After you have consumed the load in your standard phone card, you can no longer make a phone call. You have to, Read More

Not everyone knows who Guy Watson is but for those who are into organic food, he is considered a guru. Guy Watson is the founder of Riverford Organic Vegetables, which is based in South Devon. He began his activities way back in 1985, when organic food was not that much of a hit yet., Read More