Any self-respecting music lover would know at least a teeny bit about Pink Floyd. If I were to describe Pink Floyd in one word, I would say psychedelic and I am sure that many people would agree with me. This English rock band is in fact, an icon in the music world. Their music, Read More

We all hear these terms a lot but which means which? Can we interchange the names or do they refer to something specific? The truth is, they each refer to something specific although even the British may not all be aware of that. Great Britain refers to the largest island in the whole of, Read More

Want to have children? Have you been trying for years to no avail? Then I suggest that you head on over to Dorset in southern England. Just outside the village of Cerne Abbas, you will find a legendary chalk figure – The Cerne Abbas Giant. It is also called the Rude Man or the, Read More