Coconuts or cocos nucifera are fruits that come from the coconut palm, also called “the tree of life” because it is a source of food and medicine. They are high in fiber, minerals and nutrients. Coconut juice and meat are very delicious and refreshing especially when chilled. It is usually served as a drink on a warm day while the meat and its milk are added to desserts or other dishes.

It is only recently that we started appreciating coconuts for its healing and health properties. Recent studies have discovered and proven its medical wonders. This is why more people use it for cooking and even cosmetics.

Apart from strengthening the immune system, coconut oil can also aid in healing wounds and bruises. When applied, it protects the area from dirt, bacteria and fungi that can infect it. It also contains a lot of calcium that keeps bones and teeth healthy.

Coconut oil can work wonders by aiding better digestion and it can even be useful for weight loss. It increases the absorption of nutrients and it helps speed up metabolism. A regular intake of coconut oil also controls blood sugar and it improves insulin secretions. It is also known to prevent kidney and gall bladder diseases; even dissolve kidney stones as well.

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London has been the melting pot of diverse music genres for hundreds of years. The music scene has grown in the last few years and more musicians are encouraged to share their talents.  Considered as the “Los Angeles” of the UK, London has seen the evolution of rock and roll, pub rock, punk, brit-pop movements and it will most likely bump into so much more emerging trends in the music scene.

Some of the most famous nightclubs, night-spots and probably the best record stores are here, including many world famous bands and artists. Being a rock star will not be complete without the London experience, which is why many famous performers choose it as a venue for concerts and events which cater to the European market.

Within the city you can expect celebrities and budding artists in music venues or night clubs. Everyone here likes to party and groove to all sorts of music. It is the perfect venue to get your big break or if you simply want to mingle with people in the music industry. Just like in most places the places “to be” change from time to time. You may ask some friends or check the internet for any upcoming events, festivals or performances.

A music mecca in its own right, London’s diverse music preference allows you to experience music in your own terms. There are numerous venues where you can watch live performances every night. If you prefer more intimate venues, you may choose among the many pubs and clubs within the city.
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