Like in most highly-developed countries in the world, mediation has been recognized as an important avenue for settling disputes in the UK.  This is because mediation is increasingly seen as the most positive and results-oriented process that can be taken when disagreement threatens to affect a family, an organization, or even a community.  In, Read More

  A conservatory is an extension or room that is usually attached to one side of the house using glass roof and walls.  It is known by other names including greenhouse, sun-room, and solarium, among others.  By UK standards, a structure is considered a conservatory if at least half of its side wall area is glazed, Read More

The United Kingdom is only topped by one other country- the US , in the number of times a country has hosted the prestigious Olympics Games.  It hosted the 1908 Summer Olympics, the 1948 Summer Olympics, and the most recently concluded 2012 Summer Olympics.  The 1948 Summer Olympics was the first Olympic Games held, Read More