Image: esolcourses At about this time, children are already excited about Halloween which is celebrated on October 31.   It was supposed to have originated from All Hallows’ Eve which was said to be influenced by European festivals of the dead and also harvest festivals.  Halloween is also being associated with Samhain, a Celtic, Read More

Do you love sport and are you travelling to England on your next holiday? There are plenty for a sporting events on throughout the year that a sports enthusiast tourist can and should take advantage of. All you need to do is plan your trip in such a way that you will catch the, Read More

Caravan as a form of transportation cum housing has been known to exist as early as the 1850’s in England.  Although many modern designs exist at present, caravans are fairly common in the English scene.  From its earliest use by Gypsies as their homes, caravans have been serving modern vacationing needs  of families through fully equipped, Read More

River cruise holidays are an amazing holiday tradition that allow visitors to tour England in style. With a variety of riverboat hotels available, there’s a reason why these are among the most popular holiday options. Some options in English Holiday Cruises include self-drive narrow boat holidays, hire barge holidays, and cruiser boat holidays. However,, Read More

Image: eplans Roller garage doors are probably one of the household structures that will not be usually associated with English cottage houses.  The reason for this is obvious.  An English cottage denotes some distant time while garage doors are fairly modern additions to home structures. English cottage houses seem to leap out from story, Read More