5 Awesome Sites for Kids in Great Britain

If you’re planning a trip to Great Britain, with kids in tow, you will be pleased to find that there is a wide array of awe-inspiring sites and attractions that will please everyone in your travel party – no matter what age. For activities that will no doubt have the kids squealing with delight and sharing their travel stories with friends, be sure to check out these five awesome sites for kids in Great Britain.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Located in London, this theatre is built exactly like the 1600s original. Take a tour of the theatre, during which the kids can learn about the theatre’s fascinating history, and some about Shakespeare’s fascinating life. Purchase groundling “seats” to watch a live performance up close and personal, right in front of the state. The actors make it a point to involve the audience – especially the groundlings – which is a thrilling experience for the children.

Warwick Castle. This grand castle on a river, built in 1068 during the reign of William the Conqueror, is an awesome site in itself, but is made even more kid-friendly in a variety of ways. The “Warwick Castle Experience” introduces children to King Arthur’s legend, and to the last dragon, who the kids can contact by way of a magic mirror. Also, drop in on the Madame Toussaud’s wax-figure tea party in the castle’s backyard for an intriguing (and somewhat haunting) dose of history.

Blackpool, England. Spend a day (or more) at what has been called England’s version of Coney Island. From giant carousels to knuckle-biting roller coaster rides, there is more than enough fun to stimulate the children and charm the adults.

Camera Obscura. This Edinburgh museum “and world of illusions” features five fascinating floors of optical experiences and galleries that will not only thrill the children, but will also entertain the adults. While you are there, check out the antique 3-D photographs, the primitive tower spy-camera, and the whimsical demonstrations that will have you laughing, all while teaching some history.

Nottingham Castle. This sprawling site is also home to a museum and art gallery. A tour of the castle will take you through fifteen fascinating centuries of Nottingham life. After touring the castle, you can tour the underground medieval tunnels and caves to find King David’s dungeon and Mortimer’s hole.

Great Britain is chock full of sites the entire family can enjoy. Make your kids’ trip to Great Britain an experience they will remember for a lifetime by paying a visit to these amazing, unforgettable Great Britain attractions.

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Lucio Bushovisky enjoys sharing history and culture with his children, some of whom he believes will eventually opt for careers in medicine. He also enjoys traveling and skiing.

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