Amy Winehouse: A Taste Of The Eclectic

amy winehouse
Britain and its culture is not normally known for being eclectic. Yet this is what the newest musical star to come out of Britain stands for. Amy Winehouse recently caught the attention of the whole world with her eclectic music and overall packaging. Who is Amy Winehouse?

An English-born singer and songwriter, Amy Winehouse has actually been around for several years now. It wasn’t until she had 6 Grammy nominations – 5 of which she won – that she really made a name for herself. Her music is a unique mixture of jazz, soul, and R & B and her singing style is something in itself.

Off the stage, Amy Winehouse has been commanding a lot of attention as well. With her erratic behaviour and substance abuse, the press has continued to bring her into the spotlight. All this negative publicity has not lessened her popularity, however. In fact, blogs all over the Web stand to testify to her fans’ unfailing support despite the stumbling blocks that she continues to encounter in her life.

I personally do not really find much pleasure in listening to her music but I am sure that there are countless other people from all over the world, from all walks of life who are able to relate somehow to her music and everything she stands for. Here’s to another Brit who is showing the world that this part of the world does have a knack for producing world class talent!

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  3. i know grammy really means something. i’d better to find her songs first.

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