Bodmin Moor: The Perfect Getaway

p131831-cornwall-bodmin_moorAre you yearning to get away from your tedious daily life? If you cannot find the time to go on a week-long break (or longer), or you do not have the cash to spare for an exotic vacation this spring, why not keep within the boundaries of the country and spend some time in the local scene? You may not know it but there are so many places within the UK that you can visit without breaking the bank, while at the same time discovering something new.

One such place is Bodwin Moor in Cornwall. With its awe inspiring landscapes and natural beauty, Bodwin Moor is the perfect place to go to get away from it all. And another plus? This area is largely undeveloped. This means that you would not have to compete with too many tourists if you visit.

But just because it is not that developed, it does not mean that you will not find a good place to stay. There are a number of comfortable bed and breakfasts and farmstay opportunities in the area. If you like roughing it, you can opt to go camping as well. Let me tell you, camping is not exactly roughing it, though, as you get proper beds and wooden floors inside the tents at Belle Tents.

Some areas of interest that you should NOT miss if you go to Bodwin Moors include the Cheesewring (a natural formation of rocks) and the numerous mines in the area. For more detailed information on tourism in Bodwin Moor, read The Guardian’s feature.

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