Brits Looking Good At The Oscars

'Slumdog Millionare' star Freida Pinto officially re-opens Liberty's

As I am writing this piece, my eyes alternate between the telly and my laptop screen. I am so tempted to just do away with the laptop and keep my eyes glued to the telly. Good thing I have a propensity for multi-tasking – I make use of my ears as well! Oh, and I am also monitoring the web for live blogging on the Oscars. Twitter, in particular is so much fun to follow at this time as everyone in the world seems to be glued to the Oscars. Though many quips lean towards the negative end of the spectrum, I have to say that one thing is for sure: the British are looking really really good.

Heavy favourite Slumdog Millionaire has already garnered a lot of awards. This is no surprise as the movie has won so many awards in the past month or so. Everyone has been saying that the Oscars is merely a formality – the movie has proven its worth.

Still, actually seeing the nominations on screen, hearing the winners announced, and seeing the people go up on stage to accept their Oscars is something else. There are other British players on the show but Slumdog Millionaire seems to be at the center of everything. As of this writing, the Best Picture award has not been given yet but I have a strong feeling that Slumdog Millionaire just might make it. Of course, I have been wrong before. And even if the movie does not get the award, I think that it has gone a very long way.

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