Masala is something that a lot of Londoners crave for. Though it is not really British in origin, it is now associated with the food from the city. And when we talk British cuisine, who comes to mind first? Different people would have different answers but I am sure that the name Nigella Lawson, Read More

Summer is always here and for many British of the older generation, this season is akin to preserving the fresh fruits of the season. Though making homemade preserves may not be necessary today – thanks to modern processing plans – it would still be a good activity to engage in this summer. Have you, Read More

I don’t know about you but summer evokes special memories for me. Taste, sound, and smell all mingle to bring about the most treasured times of my life. One of the best things I remember about summer is having a nice meal outside – with several fresh and sweet cobs of corn. Now isn’t, Read More

While the Americans (and other nationalities of the world) may relish waking up to the aroma of coffee, there is no doubt that the British prefer sipping a hot cup of tea in the morning (and mayhap other parts of the day). I love coffee, I am not denying that, but there are times, Read More

Curry may originally be an Indian dish but there is no doubt that London offers some of the best variants of curry. This could largely be due to the fact that London is a melting pot of cultures and there is a large number of people from South Asia in the city. So, anyway,, Read More

Not everyone knows who Guy Watson is but for those who are into organic food, he is considered a guru. Guy Watson is the founder of Riverford Organic Vegetables, which is based in South Devon. He began his activities way back in 1985, when organic food was not that much of a hit yet., Read More

With a history and culture as rich as it can be, there is no doubt that one can experience a myriad of festivities all throughout the country during the period of Christmas. As diverse as the activities are, one of the most popular is going around visiting various Christmas markets. Year in and year, Read More

You have to admit it – when it comes to fine cuisine, London is usually not the first city to come to mind. Indeed, even the experts have not given this city as much recognition as they have given to different locations worldwide. And Chef Alain Ducasse totally disagrees with this. Alain Ducasse has, Read More

Looks like I can’t seem to stop myself from writing about food… Today, the 2009 British Food Fair opened in Taipei, Taiwan. The food fair is being overseen by the British Trade and Cultural Office, in cooperation with City’Super, a well known high end supermarket in the country. The features of the food fair, Read More

At least if Cabinet minister Hilary Benn’s call is heeded. In a statement released late last week, Benn declared that traditional British dishes should be given their rightful due. If you are not aware of it yet, there is such a thing as the Protected Food Names scheme, which was launched in 1992. Under, Read More