Young woman on boat looking at Tower Bridge in London

UK has many blogs vying for the attention of readers and several have made some incredible mark in terms of readership and influence. Here are some of them: Challenge Sophie Challenge Sophie is the top among UK blogs in the Outdoor Recreation category. Sophie Radcliffe, the woman behind the blog challenges her limits in, Read More

  The public is so interested in the pregnancy of celebrity moms.  However, the interest goes far more for royal pregnancies because these babies are not only the children of well-known people, they are also heirs to a throne.  Royal pregnancies will always be associated with royal succession since an heir’s position moves with the addition of, Read More

Being an international city, London has some of the world’s most advanced transportation system. It is the center of road, rail and air networks in the United Kingdom. Despite the advancements, however, it has also retained its traditional vehicles such as the double deck buses that travel around the city. A visit to the, Read More

Image: Visiting foreign countries would require travelers to observe the prevailing standards of etiquette in the place of destination.  Failure to observe this could result to misunderstanding or unintentional insult to locals.  England also has its specific do’s which visitors should observe while in the country. The British have been known to maintain, Read More

           Every country is represented by a symbol or symbols that give it its recognition that is unique from other countries. England, which is one of the countries that comprise Great Britain, has many familiar symbols which are automatically connected with it even without an accompanying explanation.  Most of them can be, Read More

The mark of a gentleman in Great Britain can be seen in different aspects but in men’s clothing, the use of what was then known as sleeve buttons was one indication of the importance of the man wearing it.  They were originally fashioned either in gold or silver usually with an etched design or, Read More

London has been the melting pot of diverse music genres for hundreds of years. The music scene has grown in the last few years and more musicians are encouraged to share their talents.  Considered as the “Los Angeles” of the UK, London has seen the evolution of rock and roll, pub rock, punk, brit-pop, Read More

Every nation in this world would certainly want something to be called their core culture. Some countries (especially in Asia) label their cultures as hospitable and welcoming. Others label their cultures as hard working. Still others prefer the label easy going and fun loving. What is the core culture of the Britain of today?, Read More

“I’ve got to get back To the House at Pooh Corner by one You’d be surprised There’s so much to be done Count all the bees in the hive Chase all the clouds from the sky Back to the days of Christopher Robin and Pooh…” Those are some of the words of the song, Read More