scholarships in the UK

Each year, numerous young people from the different parts of the world aspire to secure a scholarship in the U.K. in various fields of study. The demand for scholarships particularly for postgraduate and fellowship programs is always so great the reason why interested applicants must submit their papers as early as possible. The British, Read More

If you’re planning a trip to Great Britain, with kids in tow, you will be pleased to find that there is a wide array of awe-inspiring sites and attractions that will please everyone in your travel party – no matter what age. For activities that will no doubt have the kids squealing with delight, Read More

Golden Retrievers are ideal English pets that people would usually prefer since they are quite friendly and would rarely bark or attack people. They are usually known for hunting in the early times and for sniffing out drugs. They are good pets to have because their faces look like they are smiling all the, Read More

I don’t know if you have noticed it, but Google’s home page is showing some really cute images. I think they started doing it yesterday or the day before. What are these cute images? Everyone recognises them – character from Sesame Street! People of all ages around the world are joining forces to celebrate, Read More

Deserving pupils in need are going to get the break that they deserve, thanks to the government. A new programme is being launched, wherein a cash premium is going to be doled out to bright pupils who come from needy homes. The announcement was made by schools minister Vernon Coaker. Dubbed the Billy Elliot, Read More

I saw this article (How Gay Became Children’s Insult Of Choice) on BBC last week and I couldn’t help but be curious and sad at the same time. The article starts with: The word “gay” is now the most frequently used term of abuse in schools, says a report. How did it get to, Read More

Indeed, why? There are countless universities all over the world which offer high quality education. Why would a student single out the UK to get his or her education? Then again, why not? Well I suppose a quarter million students from various countries around the world cannot be wrong. This is the estimated number, Read More

The British have never been really known for their technology – this honor is usually attributed to the US and Japan. However, University of Edinburgh is set to make a name for itself and its country with the unveiling of HECToR, Britain’s fastest supercomputer to date. What is HECToR all about? Well, it just, Read More

People love to read and hear poetry and other literary arts. Some would listen and learn from their message to the reader while some would simply be amazed at how they were constructed with such enthusiasm and imagination. Whatever the case may be, English literature has been known to be rich and capable of, Read More