Any home can become the target of burglars. As such, it’s best to protect your home at all times and know what to do in case an intruder gets into your house in the middle of the night or while nobody’s home.


The door is the usual entry point so make sure this is a sturdy one and does not have a letter box. Burglars can peep through the boxes and put devices through them.

Investing in a quality and reliable alarm system should be a priority. This is a must today as burglaries continue unabated with many of them occurring in residential properties.

Before purchasing, however, be able to determine your lifestyle, needs and how much you can afford. Learn about the different types being offered by providers and the benefits of each.
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Using a dish to receive numerous TV channels is the preferred choice by many people these days. This option is most ideal for homeowners living outside the city center as well as those residing in the rural areas.


The direct broadcast satellite service known as DirecTV is a popular choice among homeowners in the U.S. This service broadcasts quality satellite television programming in various locations and requires the installation of a dish.

Most providers of DirecTV are able to install the satellite dish upon the request of new subscribers. Normally, though, they will charge a certain fee for the installation process.
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satellite dish

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Preserving the environment is always top of mind among people and organizations worldwide concerned about the state of Mother Earth. Governments, in particular, are taking steps to ensure that their citizens and companies within their jurisdiction follow laws that will help safeguard their surroundings.

In the U.K., England and Wales follow best practices on the use of satellite television, notably the dish antenna. The objectives are to protect the environment, to raise awareness among homeowners on the proper positioning of satellite dishes and to help retailers and installers provide better advise and service to families.

It is a must for homeowners to properly select and position a dish in such a way that it has less impact on the environment. The neighborhood and the public will also have to be taken into consideration.
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Caravan as a form of transportation cum housing has been known to exist as early as the 1850’s in England.  Although many modern designs exist at present, caravans are fairly common in the English scene.  From its earliest use by Gypsies as their homes, caravans have been serving modern vacationing needs  of families through fully equipped mobile homes that can be outfitted to be as comfortable as immovable homes.


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Vardos are also often called gypsy wagons in reference to living accommodations used by British Romani people (Gypsies) that were traditionally drawn by horses.  Its much earlier use in France is specifically attributed to traveling circus troupes.  They were characterized by much adornment inside and out that each vardo is said to be a picture of aesthetic beauty and functionality.

Historical records show that early vardos were carpeted on the inside for at least half of the interior space, serving as sleeping quarters.  The remaining space housed the kitchen.  It became an iconic Romani symbol that would eventually produce an industry in building traveling wagons.  There are at least six known styles of the vardo including the Burton, Open Lot, Bow Top, Ledge, Reading, and Brush Wagon.  The names were derived from either the name of owner, the builder, or its style.

Static Caravans

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The modern version of caravans are now more commonly known as mobile homes.  They are either pulled as a trailer by a motorized vehicle or come as a vehicle in itself.  The present day caravans are characterized by as much convenience that can possibly be achieved in a home away from home.

The sale of static caravans experienced a sharp increase in the UK in 2009 when overseas vacationing became quite expensive.  Families opted to stay within the country when taking their vacations and settled for holiday parks with their caravans in tow.  This also addressed the increasing cost of hotel accommodation.


Withe the renewed consciousness in cost-effective living, static caravans became the preferred second home since it does not only ensure a place to stay but also a way to bring the passengers to their desired destination.  Staycation, which is the combined word produced by  “stay” and “vacation”, became the in-thing and enlivened the domestic tourist industry.  Though it can mean staying at home for vacation, staying within the home country to take a vacation using the  caravan proved to be a better option since staying at home traps the vacationers to domestic concerns because work is not so far away.

About the Guest Blogger:

Leandro of Caravan Insurance Experts highly recommends shopping for the best insurance package for your static caravans to avail of maximum protection.


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Roller garage doors are probably one of the household structures that will not be usually associated with English cottage houses.  The reason for this is obvious.  An English cottage denotes some distant time while garage doors are fairly modern additions to home structures.

English cottage houses seem to leap out from story books, postcards, and paintings.  In common terms, they are deemed picture-perfect.  It is therefore somewhat of a challenge not to deface such a perfect picture with items of modernity.  Any which way we look at it, roller garage doors are not readily identified with an image associated with serenity especially with the materials , designs, and contraptions  associated with it.

To say that roller garage doors will not fit into the English cottage house picture is not exactly true.  It can be done with a little imagination and ingenuity by choosing colors and designs that will not make the roller doors stand out but actually allow them to blend with the rest of the house.   Reliable suppliers such as Quokka doors can design, assemble , and deliver the required garage doors with the least inconvenience to customers.  It is important however to make the design requirements clear to suppliers to ensure that the desired finished product will be provided.

Image: albihomes

Materials with wood-like design and texture is probably the best way to go so as not to totally deviate from the English cottage look.  Accessories can be in metal to provide just the right contrast.  The choice of paint color is important in achieving the perfect look.

Aside from the garage door itself,  homeowners can look into possibilities of creating an atmosphere that will lessen the contrast provided by roller garage doors.  This can be provided by building an arch surrounded by trees and plants just before the garage doors to provide a fitting introduction to the garage area without destroying the over-all design.  The arch can be made from wrought iron, wooden trellis, or stone posts.  The final choice will depend on the materials used in the main house so that again, blending is possible without major visual disturbance when viewed as a whole.

The mechanics of the roller door can be as modern as can be and yet it will not destroy the time element being presented by the house itself.  It  is like getting the best of both worlds as traditional combines with the contemporary.  Living in an “old-fashioned” way does not have to mean giving up on the modern conveniences.


The English Garden is Europe’s principal gardening style which derives its inspiration from classic landscape paintings and Chinese gardens identified with Eastern culture.  Its traditional elements include a lake, temples, bridges, structures of Gothic design, rolling lawns and trees that point towards a pastoral landscape.  Its style has also been a significant influence in public parks during the 19th century.

The more modern English gardens are of a smaller scale than the original.  They are predominantly landscaped gardens with more or less the same traditional elements as their more formal counterparts.  More recent additions include shrubberies, flowers, and tree plantations.  The result is a more “gardeny” feel rather than a grand park feel.

What often comes to mind when one talks of English garden today is the “homey” appeal of a small garden in front of an English cottage.    There is also another common vision of English gardens as an outdoor room which also forms part of an English home.  Creating the perfect English garden may not be exactly easy but it is attainable even for those who are especially challenged with time and the manual labor associated with gardening.

With the introduction of synthetic grass which looks like the real thing minus the work, many people can now get to enjoy the feel of a real English garden,  a lush and manicured garden can be maintained year in and year out .  Real grass is subject to natural elements more than synthetic grass.  This is why more and more homeowners are opting for the synthetic grass option.

Global Synthetic Grass offers one of the most life-like artificial grass in the market.  It is a perfect element for homeowners wanting to overhaul their homes to resemble a home with the perfect English garden.  The use of synthetic grass to mimic a rolling landscape or even a flat one will not deprive owners of their much desire to appreciate nature.


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Joel Hunter of recommends the use of synthetic grass for all no-fuss gardening needs.


A conservatory is an extension or room that is usually attached to one side of the house using glass roof and walls.  It is known by other names including greenhouse, sun-room, and solarium, among others.  By UK standards, a structure is considered a conservatory if at least half of its side wall area is glazed and at least three-fourths of its roof is glazed with translucent materials such as glass or poly-carbonate sheeting.

The first known English conservatories were made during the 16th century.  They were owned by rich landowners who started cultivating citrus fruits which only normally grew in warmer regions such as lemons and oranges.  For places that have cold climates such as England to enjoy tropical plants and flowers, there is a need to provide for the right environment through conservatories.  Conservatories eventually served other purposes such as venues for tea parties, breakfast areas or simply covered areas in gardens.

Modern conservatories are used to provide additional living spaces for many family homes.  Early English conservatories had ornate Victorian structures.  More practical but equally beautiful  versions are offered by diy conservatory suppliers.  This makes it possible to build one’s own conservatory with minimum fuss and at a lower cost.  Customers can order straight from manufacturers.

The peak of conservatory building in England was during the 19th century.  Construction of new ones stopped when World War II erupted.  Some of the more prominent English conservatories include the Kew Gardens in Southwest London, the Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, the Eden Project  in Cornwall, the Sym House in West London, and the Barbican Centre in Central London.  The renewed interest in Victorian-style conservatories was seen during the 1970s and smaller versions for domestic use was widely developed using insulate glass .  From then till now, conservatories are beautiful additions to any home.

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