The English language is the universal language, there is no denying that. Well, at least if you are a pragmatic person. There will always be people who would assert that English is not THAT widely spoken. For the sake of this discussion, though, I would like to consider the English language as being used, Read More

Practically the entire world is aware that English is known to be the primary and perhaps universal dialect and language known worldwide. This can be traced to the influence created by the British Empire. It is usually a known second language to other countries who have their own primary language such as China and, Read More

As promised, here is another installment of our light hearted look at English Slang. When a word is indicated by a ‘*’ it means that it is not in common usage nowadays in England, but once was. Oftentimes, slang comes around in phases so one word might not be used now but in future, Read More

Learning English is a difficult task – we fully sympathise with you if you are trying to do it! Most English people do not know the full range and function of the English language – using it is as natural to them as breathing! One all too common complaint made by people attempting to, Read More

I saw this article (How Gay Became Children’s Insult Of Choice) on BBC last week and I couldn’t help but be curious and sad at the same time. The article starts with: The word “gay” is now the most frequently used term of abuse in schools, says a report. How did it get to, Read More

Anyone who has tried learning English and not knowing that there is a difference between the variations of English used around the world would know how confusing it could sometimes be. The mere fact that there is what we call American English and British English provides for some confusion in itself. Add to that, Read More

Here are several other points wherein British English and American English differ. Possession This is another area wherein there are marked differences between American and British English. You would normally hear an American say “I don’t have much time.” while an Briton would say “I haven’t got much time.” For the question form, Americans, Read More

For quite a long time now, English has informally been considered as the official language of the world. There are many considerations before any language can be deemed the official means of communication for all countries, of course, and as such there has not been a formal declaration of this but for anyone who, Read More

For students, the desire to be able to study in England is among the dreams that would be a good investment for their future. Rich in culture, history and customs, prestigious colleges, garnering the level of education from England is world-renowned and achieving such a feat shall surely be a good feather in the, Read More