There’s an ongoing debate over the wisdom of joining the IT ranks in the UK. Like the Renaissance in the 1500s and the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, some say the Information Age may have run its course. Others forecast that the field is still growing. Continue reading »

A lot of car enthusiasts, particularly the men, love to own and drive vintage cars. For these people, it gives them prestige and a different kind of high to be able to have one or more of these classic vehicles and still being able to drive them around. Having an old car of a popular brand is indeed a morale booster to many of these male car lovers.

England is one country that has produced a number of popular cars. They have graced the roads of various countries since the olden times and some have been well preserved.

Classic cars are a worthy investment. They can still run and can last long if you know how to keep its mileage low each year. And should you decide to sell it at a later time, their value appreciates which means you can earn a significant profit from it.

The Jaguar E-Type is one of the famous English classic cars. A luxury sports car launched in 1961, it has a stylish design and can run as fast as the modern sports car.

The Lotus Esprit is Britain’s version of the Ferrari. It gained popularity after appearing in the James Bond film entitled The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977.

The Triumph Spitfire is considered a great example of British engineering excellence. It boasts of a stylish design and was one of the more affordable sports cars during its time.

The Saab 900 is another favorite classic car in the U.K. Launched in 1979, it features a low closed cabin and angular style.

The Morgan 4/4 has a unique style and considered to have the longest production run back in 1936. It was one sports car that stood out from the crowd.

Learn more about the vintage cars and the most dangerous ones on the road in this inforgraphic we’re sharing below.

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Buying contact lens online may be a novel thing to many who have been accustomed to the traditional way.  An optician is usually consulted who shall provide prescription details after eye examination.  It is quite common that the same optician also performs the service of providing the contact lens.

A new trend in buying contact lens has emerged in many parts of the world including the UK.  The convenience of online purchase now includes a product that used to be available only in brick and mortar stores.  With the power of technology, a good number of online stores are now offering contact lens which are conveniently delivered to customers.

For those who are already using contact lens, prescription details can be found on the box or individual blister packs of contact lens.  The optician also easily provides these information since all patients are entitled to this accompanying data wherever they choose to make their purchase of contact lens.  Online contact lens stores do not usually ask for a copy of the prescription although they would require patients to enter the prescription details in the order form.

Online contact lens buyers in the UK are advised to choose their online contact lens supplier carefully.  The product one orders is usually as good only as the reliability of the company from which the order is being made.  Since customers will be going through the online route, the initial thing to look for is a professional-looking website with all required contact numbers provided.  A professional supplier will have to be knowledgeable with the product they are offering, even providing advice when necessary.  A reliable supplier has no hidden costs and provides all related costs upfront without the need to ask.  This goes as well with other information that is required to make an informed decision.  To ensure that standards are within UK’s regulation, it would also be best to check where the products are being shipped from.  Contact lens that are being shipped from within UK should have passed prescribed product standards.

The issue of costs or pricing is always a question in buying anything.  The offered contact lens products must be competitively priced and fortunately these can be found online.  Online purchase is very convenient and also provides access to all types while affording cost savings.  Ordered contact lenses are delivered to the customer’s doorstep.  This is now less the cost of travelling to and back.  Also, many online shops offer exceptional promos that effectively lower cost price.

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Nona is a professional researcher and writer.  She has recently discovered the convenience of buying her contact lenses online.

Living in the U.K. can be quite expensive, no matter what corner you reside. To help you cut down on costs, here are several useful money saving tips.

Tip #1: Settle your credit card balance right away

There’s a good chance that your credit card comes with the highest interest rates among all your debts. Because of this, make sure that you settle your credit card balance in full every month. Doing this would actually save you much more money than investing, unless you can find a financial product with an interest rate higher than your credit card (which is virtually impossible). Continue reading »

River cruise holidays are an amazing holiday tradition that allow visitors to tour England in style. With a variety of riverboat hotels available, there’s a reason why these are among the most popular holiday options. Some options in English Holiday Cruises include self-drive narrow boat holidays, hire barge holidays, and cruiser boat holidays. However, river tours will usually be the best due to the fact that they include a full array of services and beautiful accommodations. Enjoy the wonderful views of the English countryside, soak in the unique culture and history of these areas, and take a river cruise for your next holiday! Continue reading »

In the movie world, it is not only the actors who become famous,  directors also get the credit they deserve for critically-acclaimed movies and movies that manifest phenomenal performance in the box office.  Directors wield considerable influence in the industry.  It is worth looking into the top British movie directors of all time.

1.  Alfred Hitchcock

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was known for his suspense and psychological thriller movies with unexpected twist endings.  He is often referred to as the greatest British filmmaker even if he became an American citizen while remaining a British subject.  His best-known film is “Psycho”.

2. Charlie Chaplin


Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was more known as a comic actor of the silent movies rather than a film director.  His most famous role was from the movie “The Tramp”.  His filmography was established to include 80 films plus 2 additional movies discovered much later.  His career record will show that his participation in his films increased in time from simply acting on them to directing, producing, writing, and providing the musical score for them as well.

3. David Lean

Sir David Lean is best remembered for his multi-awarded epic films ” The Bridge on the River Kwai”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, and “Doctor Zhivago”.  Three of his films are included in the Top 10 British Films as provided by the British Film Institute.  His last movie was “A Passage to India”.

4. Ridley Scott

Sir Ridley Scott is best known for his movies that include “Alien”, ” Blade Runner”. and “Gladiator”.  Five members of his family are directors including his late brother Tony Scott and himself.    He is an enthusiastic believer in the DVD format for the purpose of adding life to a film after its run in traditional theaters.

5. Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is English-American.  His most recent works consist of “The Dark Knight” Trilogy and “Inception”.  He is considered one of the most commercially successful British directors.

When you are looking into movies directed by British directors, you should consider watching movie trailers offered online.


Like in most highly-developed countries in the world, mediation has been recognized as an important avenue for settling disputes in the UK.  This is because mediation is increasingly seen as the most positive and results-oriented process that can be taken when disagreement threatens to affect a family, an organization, or even a community.  In the context of law, mediation is categorized as a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR.

Mediation involves the participation of a neutral third party aside from the two contending parties.  It aims to bypass the deadlock that often paralyzes regular negotiations.  The structure of mediation operates on a timetable where deadlines are set for accomplishing specific results.  Rather than directing the process itself, mediators are expected to expertly facilitate disputes towards what is hoped to be a compromise that will be mutually beneficial to the contending parties.

While the resulting agreement can be enforced by law when required, the participation of each party involved in the dispute is usually voluntary.  It is almost impossible to mediate between parties who were merely forced to enter the process since their minds are often closed.  Contending parties who refuse to participate in the mediation process typically have no other recourse but to go to court.  However, final resolution is still not guaranteed even in such an arena.

Global Mediation which can be found online at  offers one of the most comprehensive mediation and facilitation service in the UK.  Not all mediators are equipped with the necessary experience to make the mediation process work for clients.  Successful mediation requires people who truly understand the intricacies and complications of disputes.  Specialized mediators are able to lead disputing parties to see the relevance and advantage of negotiating.  Parties contemplating the possibility of getting the services of a professional mediation company should find the one that will allow them to address the cause of the dispute rather than merely being an additional cost.

The Traditional English Wedding

Most people would see different wedding traditions, but if there is one that can be traced from the English style, that is of spreading flowers on the pathway towards the altar before the bride walks towards it. Such a practice stems from the belief that the bride will live through her life happily and lovely.

This practice is usually done by a small girl who dons the same design or dress of the bride herself. This is to avoid being singled out by any jealous evil wishers who might envy her life of happiness in the duration of the ceremonies.

Also, brides are also advised to carry a silver horseshoe to the hem of their wedding dresses. In the olden days, brides were even asked to carry actual horseshoes for good luck. The former is what most brides apply now since good luck is what any newlyweds will always be after.

london undergroundThe London Underground (locally known as the Tube) is the biggest and oldest metro system in the world. It’s also one of the most convenient, serving about 20 hours on a daily basis. Each of the Underground lines has a different name and colour. This helps you easily follow your route on the map.

Upon your arrival at a station, you should have a look at the colour-coded signs that will direct you to the line you’re looking for. The London Underground system is divided into 6 different fare zones. The London city centre is of course in Zone 1. Your ticket price depends on the number of zones through which you travel. You can easily buy your ticket from an automatic ticket machine or alternatively at the ticket office at any station. Both single and return tickets are available and they are valid only on the date shown.

If you know where you want to go, I recommend you should use the ticket machines because they can save a lot of your time. The instructions are easy to follow. The ticket machines usually give change, but I would suggest that you use the correct money if possible. By doing this, you will help keep change for other passengers who really need it.

Most London Underground stations have ticket gates. You need to pass through them quite a few times throughout your journey. Upon your arrival, just insert your ticket into the slot of the machine through which the ticket will pass. You can then take it from a slot at the top and the gates will open to let you through. When you have completed your last journey, the gates will open and let you through but your ticket will be retained by the machine.

As far as I’m concerned, London’s Tube is probably one of the most famous in the world. However, I feel that there is something about being underground I am not very keen on. For instance, the massive crowds swarm towards the train platforms, rushing up and down stairs, following the signs and the annoying ‘Mind the gap’ thing. Based on my experience, the trains are also absolutely packed. I have so many times been pushed up against someone really stinky. It’s never easy to find yourself a seat, and you can hardly see anything. Having said that, I still believe it is the cheapest and quickest way to get around London though.

To sum up, The London Underground is really easy to use so long as you are equipped with a map. To avoid wasting your time, simply validate your ticket and pass through the gates, stand on the right hand side of the steep escalators, or just walk down on the left if you are in a rush. The Tube normally arrives every few minutes so you don’t need to run. In summer the tube can be really hot and smelly, but again it is another part of travelling around the capital of England.

The English Bobby

English Bobby
In England, one of the greatest advances of the nineteenth century was the foundation of the English police service. It replaced the poorly organised and rather ineffective watchman system that was then broadly seen as flawed, and introduced a better and new class of public servant to the English public, one whose duty was obviously to protect people against the burgeoning criminals on the streets.

Famous throughout the world for their considerate helpfulness and assertive authority that even extend till these days to not carrying a loaded firearm, the ordinary English police are a globally recognised figure in all respects. They have been portrayed in many TV dramas, and their everyday duties have never ceased to stir one’s imagination.

The average English bobby is much respected all over the world for his consideration, efficiency as well as ability to do his job. He is also renowned as being honourable and morally upright and is among the very few unarmed police patrols in the crime-dogged world. Even though the uniform has gradually changed over time, there is little doubt it is still highly recognisable.

The English police did and to a large extent still do represent citizen security and the spirit of community that made them such a symbol of England for a number of years. Many say that the good English bobby is simply the envy of the world. In addition, they also argue that the English police should never be stripped off their bobby status as they always handled the situations in the kindest possible manner.

One of the things that people will always remember is the good old English Bobby being marched out by their sarge at the beginning of their shift. The most popular sight was probably the police standing in the street phone boxes calling their station, or the glossy blue light flashing telling the bobby to answer the phone. Another very familiar sight was the sarge attracting the attention of the tired constable by tapping the pavement with his truncheon.

I myself am a fan of police drama The Bill in which the English police are always capable of sorting out the most difficult offences. It is also fascinating to see them getting tough on crime and giving people a sense of security watching the show on TV. The English police in the drama are always in large numbers and even the worst offenders will have a hard time dealing with them.

Unfortunately though, in reality we no longer see that many English constables anymore. I reckon there should be more police back on the streets to help tackle the street crime in England. Countless times I have heard awful stories of people being murdered even in broad daylight which is appalling. Hardly can anyone understand what is going on here. The government has apparently generated a lot more tax revenues than ever before but it seems very little is spent on street policing.