Diagon Alley

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is one for the books. For more than 10 years, millions of fans worldwide were hooked to Harry Potter and his friends Ron and Hermione. And they not only were able to buy and read the books but got to watch the film adaptation as well. Fans in the, Read More

bike tour of London

The city of London is home to numerous tourist attractions that a one-day tour won’t be enough. Whether it’s the well-known spots or the less frequented ones you want to visit, there’s every opportunity to explore them at your own time and pace. Various tour options are available to visitors in London. But if, Read More

driving in the UK

When you’re planning on travelling a large distance in a short amount of time, generally the best way to transport yourself is by car. However, this may be easier said than done if you’re planning to drive in the UK. In order to obtain the licensing to legally drive in the UK, drivers must, Read More

There’s an ongoing debate over the wisdom of joining the IT ranks in the UK. Like the Renaissance in the 1500s and the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, some say the Information Age may have run its course. Others forecast that the field is still growing.

A lot of car enthusiasts, particularly the men, love to own and drive vintage cars. For these people, it gives them prestige and a different kind of high to be able to have one or more of these classic vehicles and still being able to drive them around. Having an old car of a, Read More

Buying contact lens online may be a novel thing to many who have been accustomed to the traditional way.  An optician is usually consulted who shall provide prescription details after eye examination.  It is quite common that the same optician also performs the service of providing the contact lens. A new trend in buying, Read More

River cruise holidays are an amazing holiday tradition that allow visitors to tour England in style. With a variety of riverboat hotels available, there’s a reason why these are among the most popular holiday options. Some options in English Holiday Cruises include self-drive narrow boat holidays, hire barge holidays, and cruiser boat holidays. However,, Read More

In the movie world, it is not only the actors who become famous,  directors also get the credit they deserve for critically-acclaimed movies and movies that manifest phenomenal performance in the box office.  Directors wield considerable influence in the industry.  It is worth looking into the top British movie directors of all time. 1., Read More

Like in most highly-developed countries in the world, mediation has been recognized as an important avenue for settling disputes in the UK.  This is because mediation is increasingly seen as the most positive and results-oriented process that can be taken when disagreement threatens to affect a family, an organization, or even a community.  In, Read More