Golden Retrievers are ideal English pets that people would usually prefer since they are quite friendly and would rarely bark or attack people. They are usually known for hunting in the early times and for sniffing out drugs. They are good pets to have because their faces look like they are smiling all the, Read More

The dogs sure look good but are they in good health? According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), veterinary charity PDSA, and BBC the purebred dogs are definitely not in good health. Because of their stand against inbreeding of dogs these RSPCA and PDSA have announced that they, Read More

And I can’t even get a prescription! Ha ha, here is a piece of odd news that I read on the Telegraph’s site: Increasing numbers of British pets are being given Prozac to help them battle against depression, a leading veterinary expert has revealed. Tropical birds such as parrots are the worst affected by, Read More

Dog lovers may adore the English bulldog but there is nothing but a British Shorthair for cat lovers. This breed may very well be the oldest purebred cat from England. Another name for the British Shorthair is British Blue. A very good characteristic of the British Shorthair is its temperament. It is rather quite, Read More

Dog lovers all over the world cannot help but adore this breed. Today, there are many other breeds of bulldogs, with the American bulldog being one of the most popular. For many, this is THE bulldog that they know. Yet, actually, this type of bulldog originates from the English bulldog, a gentle and friendly, Read More