Golden Retrievers are ideal English pets that people would usually prefer since they are quite friendly and would rarely bark or attack people. They are usually known for hunting in the early times and for sniffing out drugs. They are good pets to have because their faces look like they are smiling all the time. They are also good for aiding blind people hence wanting to see people around them all the time. Once they are left alone or left tied up, they would usually become very sad and cry to get the attention of people nearby.

Golden Retriever Pets

Golden Retrievers are classified as toy dogs because of their friendliness. They are also tagged as show dogs and field dogs. The difference lies in the length of their hair. Field dogs are easier to groom because they have shorter hair.

Having big boned structure, these English dogs are prone to bone diseases, notably their hips which may develop into hip dysplasia. Their skin is also sensitive hence the need to ensure that they would be eating the proper dog food and bathed at proper times to avoid contracting fleas that wills surely make them itch and develop skin allergies.

cruftsThe dogs sure look good but are they in good health?

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), veterinary charity PDSA, and BBC the purebred dogs are definitely not in good health. Because of their stand against inbreeding of dogs these RSPCA and PDSA have announced that they will boycott the biggest dog show in the world – the Crufts Dog show. BBC also shows it support of the welfare of the dogs by NOT participating, which means that the dog show will go un-televised for the first time in FORTY YEARS.

BBC has showed their worry of the results of the inbreeding to the dog months ago when they aired the documentary “Pedigree Dogs Exposed.” The documentary showed how purebred dogs have developed severe health problems such as epilepsy, cancer, and other mutations due to inbreeding. The even bigger bomb is that they pointed at the Kennel Club for being partly responsible for the situation since their standards do not prohibit such practices but even encourage dog owners to do inbreeding.

Despite the boycotting going on the animal charity Blue Cross vows to attend the even with the aim of educating the those that will attend about health issues that arise from inbreeding. A very sensible strategy since where else can you get thousands of purebred lovers’ attention all at the same time? The Blue Cross believe that pet owners are concerned about their pets health and would welcome information on how to prevent health problems as well as address current concerns.

The Crufts Dog Show is set to take place from March 5 to8 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. It is expected to draw more than 20,000 competing dogs.

And I can’t even get a prescription! Ha ha, here is a piece of odd news that I read on the Telegraph’s site:

Increasing numbers of British pets are being given Prozac to help them battle against depression, a leading veterinary expert has revealed. Tropical birds such as parrots are the worst affected by depression, according to television vet Romain Pizzi. Mr Pizzi, who presents Creature Clinic on BBC3 and is a specialist in zoo and wildlife medicine for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, said pets are affected when owners leave them alone for hours on end.

He said: “Contrary to some people’s expectations parrots are very intelligent and sensitive animals. Typically if people go out to work all day their parrot will get very bored and frustrated and eventually develop depression. Symptoms often include plucking out their feathers or self-harming, which is obviously very dangerous. When Cockatoos in particular are depressed they can start to self-mutilate and peck their own legs to the bone.”

I do not know if this is a British peculiarity as I have not really run across news items about other countries doing the same thing. If there is one thing that this says about the British, though, it would be that they do love their pets. Wouldn’t you agree? I’d say that if you didn’t have enough time to spend with a pet, though, it might be better to simply NOT get a pet in the beginning. What do you think?

British Shorthair
Dog lovers may adore the English bulldog but there is nothing but a British Shorthair for cat lovers. This breed may very well be the oldest purebred cat from England. Another name for the British Shorthair is British Blue.

A very good characteristic of the British Shorthair is its temperament. It is rather quite reserved and not boisterous at all. As such, they are perfect pets for those who prefer calm animals and those who have children. Cats are known to be quite demanding on their owners. The British Shorthair, however, is not as demanding as other breeds but is just as affectionate. It offers the perfect companion to people who cannot spare much time and effort.

Though tagged as purely British, the British Shorthair may actually be descendants of cats from Ancient Rome. It became popular in Britain around the 1800s when the trend was to have cats as pets. In the 1980s, the British Shorthair was exported to the United States and shortly thereafter, became popular over there as well.

As compared to other cats, the British Shorthair is a relatively large cat. As the name implies, its fur is short and can come in any color. It can be describe as rotund in shape but not fat. In fact, it is known to be a strong cat – giving credence to its historical background as a good hunter. Another good thing about the British Shorthair is that it does not meow a lot, making for a good house cat.

The English Bulldog

English bulldog
Dog lovers all over the world cannot help but adore this breed. Today, there are many other breeds of bulldogs, with the American bulldog being one of the most popular. For many, this is THE bulldog that they know. Yet, actually, this type of bulldog originates from the English bulldog, a gentle and friendly animal.

Contrary to its physical appearance, the English bulldog is in fact one of the gentlest dogs there is. In fact, English bulldogs are very good pets for families with children as they get along quite well. As puppies, English bulldogs can be bundles of energy and a handful to handle. However, as they grow older, they tend to become calmer and easier to handle.

Where does the English bulldog originate from? Despite its name, this breed actually traces its roots all the way to Asia. In the old times, nomads brought their mastiffs to Britain. These mastiffs were ferocious and were perfect for fighting and holding down prey. When bull baiting became popular in Britain, a new breed was needed – thus the birth of the bulldog. After some time, this breed was cross bred with the pug, resulting in the English bulldog as we know it today.

One issue with English bulldogs is the fact that they tend to drool a lot. That is why they need to be located in a well ventilated area and they must not be exposed to too much exercise – a perfect pet for the sedentary person!