The United Kingdom is only topped by one other country- the US , in the number of times a country has hosted the prestigious Olympics Games.  It hosted the 1908 Summer Olympics, the 1948 Summer Olympics, and the most recently concluded 2012 Summer Olympics.  The 1948 Summer Olympics was the first Olympic Games held, Read More

When people talk about British sports, the first thing that would probably come to mind would be football, or footsie as enthusiasts like to call it. However, there are other sports that originated in England and one of them is cricket. This sport has been around for centuries and can actually be traced back, Read More

Darts, a worldwide famous sport today, traces its origins in England where most of the professional dart players today originate. Darts holds the key towards the national past time sport, similar to that of football and basketball which has been a famous activity in parts of America and Asia to date. Darts for its, Read More

The competition to become the host of the summer Olympics is always a tough one. After all, more than the honor and distinction that a country gets from being the Olympic host, the economy gets a major boost because of tourism. The next Olympics, as you should already know, is to be held in, Read More

There isn’t much love lost between close “relatives” the Americans and the British. That much is common knowledge. Yet the two nations have much more in common than one would think. And come 2 May, it seems that there will be a juxtaposition of the British and American culture – together with the rest, Read More

As I am writing this piece, my eyes alternate between the telly and my laptop screen. I am so tempted to just do away with the laptop and keep my eyes glued to the telly. Good thing I have a propensity for multi-tasking – I make use of my ears as well! Oh, and, Read More

Boxing enthusiasts will not need to be informed as to who the man behind this name is. For the benefit of those who are not so updated, Ricky Hatton is one of the newest names to make it big in the world of boxing. Born in 1978 in Stockport, Greater Manchester, he is also, Read More

No one knew for sure who was going to win the F1 championship this year. For the longest time, it was Hamilton who was dominating most of the races but you know, in this sport, you can never be sure about the outcome. In the end, Lewis Hamilton proved to be all that his, Read More

The Beijing Olympics closed yesterday and the torch has been successfully (and grandly, if I may add) passed on to the host of the 2012 Olympics – London. I don’t know about you, but I am quite excited about this. The big even may be 4 years away but as early as now, the, Read More

The British team may not have won the most number of medals at the Beijing Olympics but as this year’s games come to an end, Britain and its culture is set to gain worldwide exposure. We all know that the next Olympic Games, to be held in 2012, are going to be in London., Read More