driving in the UK

When you’re planning on travelling a large distance in a short amount of time, generally the best way to transport yourself is by car. However, this may be easier said than done if you’re planning to drive in the UK. In order to obtain the licensing to legally drive in the UK, drivers must, Read More

The crown jewels of the United Kingdom are precious ceremonial objects used by the British monarchy. Also referred to as the Regalia, these jewels represent a collection of historical pieces of fine objects and vestments in relation to crowning of kings and queens. It is believed that the use of Regalia in England dates, Read More

Image: theportlandpick For many British households, a traditional tea time practice of eating biscuits for an afternoon tea is still common.  It is observed when friends come for a quick visit and hunger pangs are felt when dinner is still quite far off.  Tea and biscuits became an ideal solution. Biscuits are baked flour-based, Read More

Image: parentables-howstuffworks There is much interest surrounding the line of succession to the British throne.  The people who are included in this line are descendants of Electress Sophia of Hanover who are Protestants.  Descendants who are Roman Catholics or have married Roman Catholics have been specifically excluded from the list of eligible successors to, Read More

Image: babycalm Giving a name to a baby is a major concern of parents.  There are however names that are particularly famous in UK.  People’s first names are important but most parents name their babies according to traditions prevailing in the country or according to popularity. In the UK , a recent list of, Read More

Image: esolcourses At about this time, children are already excited about Halloween which is celebrated on October 31.   It was supposed to have originated from All Hallows’ Eve which was said to be influenced by European festivals of the dead and also harvest festivals.  Halloween is also being associated with Samhain, a Celtic, Read More

May Day in England may mean two things – celebration of the International Workers’ Day and the traditional festivity that celebrates springtime fertility.  Between these two, the latter is identified with May Day festivity because of the activities incoporated in it.   One of the more popular among these is the Morris Dance. Those who are familiar with it, Read More

To many, the red telephone box is something rather unique on England’s streets. In a modern England where everyone is well equipped with mobile phones, there really isn’t much need to visit a little cubicle and search the pocket for 30p. However, in its heyday the fast disappearing red telephone box was a real, Read More

Most people would see different wedding traditions, but if there is one that can be traced from the English style, that is of spreading flowers on the pathway towards the altar before the bride walks towards it. Such a practice stems from the belief that the bride will live through her life happily and, Read More

No, I am not talking about the parties that high school students look forward to each year in the United States and other parts of the world. This “prom” is a bit more, let’s say, cultured. I am talking about The BBC Proms or The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts. Does that suit your taste, Read More