Abbey Road

When it comes to music, London takes pride in having produced The Beatles. This English rock band made history owing to its four members and the rock and roll songs they created that the world still loves up to now. Formed in Liverpool in 1960, the Fab Four gained popularity in the United Kingdom, Read More

bike tour of London

The city of London is home to numerous tourist attractions that a one-day tour won’t be enough. Whether it’s the well-known spots or the less frequented ones you want to visit, there’s every opportunity to explore them at your own time and pace. Various tour options are available to visitors in London. But if, Read More

Regent's Canal

While London is often explored by land, one of the best ways to see the city’s amazing views is through a cruise via the river or canal. The Thames River cruise is a popular choice in the city but if you want to explore the hidden gems, a Regent Canal cruise provides a different, Read More


England is a beautiful place boasting so many tourist spots that not only promotes a warm ambiance but also provides inspiration to visitors. While a visit to the famous attractions is what many people often prefer to do, exploring the hidden gems can be as exciting and enriching. If you’re heading towards the U.K., Read More

Union Flag and Scottish Saltire in Edinburgh

On September 18, Scottish voters took to the polls to vote in favour of or against Scottish independence. The result was perhaps closer than some had expected, however just over 55% of Scots voted No. So what happens now? If the result had been the opposite, Scottish independence would not have been instant. A, Read More

UK Scenic - Cambridge

The Asia Pacific region has attracted international attention in recent years owing to primarily territorial disputes. Countries involved in island disputes are China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. The conflict between China and Japan is one that’s been hogging the headlines in recent months. Their dispute not only involves territorial issues but as, Read More

Crowds Enjoying Themselves At Outdoor Music Festival

Britain is home to some of the greatest bands throughout recent history and in the present day. Not only do countless music legends (and legions of fans) come from the UK, but bands from around the world travel there to put on great shows. If you’re looking for the concert of your life, you, Read More

London has many sites and attractions but usually the most prominent tourist destinations are not really specifically children’s attractions. If you’re traveling with children you’ll want to squeeze in sites that your children will like. Here are three places in London that you can visit, which your children will have fun exploring:

Being an international city, London has some of the world’s most advanced transportation system. It is the center of road, rail and air networks in the United Kingdom. Despite the advancements, however, it has also retained its traditional vehicles such as the double deck buses that travel around the city. A visit to the, Read More

Do you love sport and are you travelling to England on your next holiday? There are plenty for a sporting events on throughout the year that a sports enthusiast tourist can and should take advantage of. All you need to do is plan your trip in such a way that you will catch the, Read More