Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Under Fire

JO pasta sauces
If you watch even a bit of the telly, then you probably know about Jamie Oliver. One of the most famous celebrity chefs today, Jamie Oliver has been in the limelight for quite some time now. Aside from his shows – and there are quite a few of them – he has been involved in a campaign that aimed to promote better food for children. He has been known to lobby in the government for this purpose.

So why is he under fire today? Well, apparently, the famous chef has recently launched a line of products which do not follow the same lines as his previous declarations for safe food. His new line of pasta sauces is unfit for the children’s consumption – at least according to his critics.

The Guardian reports:

Jamie Oliver, who spent years campaigning to improve the food children eat, has left parents and health campaigners bewildered after it emerged that his latest pasta sauce contains twice as much salt as the Turkey Twizzlers he famously railed against.

It has now emerged that some of Oliver’s sauces, which are produced in Italy for a company set up by him, contain so much salt they would not be allowed to be served to primary school children.

His spicy olive, garlic and tomato sauce, which is sold in supermarkets and is popular with busy parents, contains 3g of salt per 100g – up to six times as much as some rival products, and twice as much as the equivalent weight of the much-maligned Turkey Twizzlers.

The chef’s reaction to all this? His spokesperson says:

…they are designed to be eaten in the Italian way – one jar with at least 500g of pasta – feeding four to six people. Because they are more concentrated than rivals you don’t need as much – and the salt content is dissipated.