Creating a Dollhouse

A dollhouse is probably one of the best examples of what humans can create with their hands.  The handmade miniature version of a house is made with so much attention to detail and so exquisitely intricate that the tremendous amount of work and time put into it is quite evident.  The best dollhouses which are typically found in museums and homes of affluent people have been replicated and mass-produced as playthings for the enjoyment of young girls.

While the 1:12 scale is typically used for adult collectors’ dollhouses, finding one done on the 1:24 scale is very possible.  Children’s play dollhouses are commonly made on the 1:18 scale although there are some done on the 1:16 scale.  Much larger dollhouses in a 1:6 scale are manufactured to accommodate 11-12 inches-tall dolls like Barbie.  Young girls can get to enjoy the best dollhouses in their preferred size and construction.

Dollhouses may have an open back as usually seen in US versions or have a hinged front to view the interior as seen in British-made houses.  They may be made of metal, fiberboard, wood, cardboard, or plastic.  Dollhouses that come in kits are usually made of thin plywood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF).  Those that are made with the former can be assembled through a system of tabs and slots while those constructed of MDF or the heavier type of plywood use nails and glue.  The wide range of choices made available in the market ensures that children have access to the best dollhouses in varied price ranges.

The more adventurous ones can opt to build their own dollhouses.  Choosing a ready-built one does not diminish in any way the fun derived from focusing on the best dollhouses as a hobby.  From the process of building, lighting, and decorating to providing the miniature furnishings to the house, hobbyists will have the time of their life creating their own distinct dollhouses.  Building one’s own dollhouse requires a blue print as opposed to a kit which just needs to be put together as directed.

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