Easter Travel Not A Good Idea

queue at Heathrow
Easter has always been a good time to get away from the city and soak up some sun in other places. This year, however, it seems that traveling at Easter may not be a good idea at all. According to reports, travelers will be experience longer delays than usual. This is due to several factors, including the number of people who are planning on going on trips at this time of the year.

The Sunday Mirror reports:

Time wasted clearing some security controls has more than DOUBLED in the past year and TREBLED at some customs.

Passengers have ranked Manchester the worst airport for hold-ups, taking about 23 minutes to clear security and 50 minutes for customs.

Airline check-in times add to delays.

East Midlands Airport was second worst and Heathrow third in the ukairportdelays.co.uk list.

Travel firm boss David Speakman, who set up the website said: “The delays, created by management inefficiency and insufficient staff, are horrendous.”

Worst airport delays in minutes for security/customs: Manchester 23/50, East Mids 45/19, Heathrow 47/15, Liverpool 35/15, Birmingham 40/3, Stansted 21/22, Gatwick 22/17.

If you are one of the millions who have plans to travel this Easter, you may want to check out UK Airport Delays for more specific information. Of course, if your plans are already set, you just have to make adjustments and take the delays into consideration. If your plans are flexible, you may want to go some place else whereby you wouldn’t have to queue up at the airports.

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