Hankering for Real British Cuisine?

full English breakfast
Are you? Then I suggest going out of your comfort zone (I am assuming the cities) and foray out into the countryside. There is no doubt that you can find a lot of good food in the cities – many of which may come from other cultures due to the large number of immigrants. However, if you want a real taste of British cooking, you may want to try going outside of the city.

If you think about it, the same thing applies to many other countries. The cities become melting pots of a large number of different cultures. As a result, the cuisine is also affected. However, when you go out into the countryside, the traditions are kept more solidly and you get a true taste of that country’s cooking.

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises – pleasant at that – that you will stumble upon is the English breakfast. If you think that nothing can be heavier than your breakfast at home, then visit and English bed and breakfast and order their fare. You will be served hefty dishes of fried bread, fried eggs, fried bacon, and even fried tomatoes! It may not sound healthy but it sure does taste great! Of course, the traditional English breakfast tea will be part of the deal. You can always opt for coffee but I suggest that you do it as the English do – with a hot cup of tea mixed with milk and sugar. Oh, before I forget, be ready to ingest potatoes in one form or another – they’re part of the whole package.

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