Have A Shopping Spree In British Charity Shops

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The UK is not a very popular destination for Americans these days simply because of the fact that the dollar is weak while the pound continues to be strong. However, this should not really dissuade Americans from visiting the UK – especially those who like to go shopping. If you have not heard about British charity shops yet, then it is about time that you did.

Charity shops are specialty shops managed by British charitable organisations. Their aim is to raise money for the less fortunate. These shops, in fact, have dual benefits – the money raised is used for noble causes and the prices of goods are very affordable for the shopper.

What can one find in a charity shop? The answer is that you can find most anything! From clothing to shoes to knickknacks to art pieces to crafts – charity shops offer these things. Most, if not all, of the products on sale are made in the UK, making for good souvenirs for tourists.

So where do you start looking for a charity shop? The fact is that not many tourists go out of their way to look for charity shops. In fact, you would not find many tourists in these shops. One good way to start would be to look online, prior to your trip. The web site to start with would be the Association of Charity Shops. The web site is rife with information – everything you need to learn more about charity shops, actually.

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  2. it is really a good concept to have such shops

  3. Yes – they do have these shops in some other countries as well, I believe.

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