London: A Cultural Melting Pot

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Most every major city in various countries all over the world is the same in this respect – they host people from other countries and as a result, become cultural melting pots. London is no different in this regard. In fact, it could be safe to say that London is even more special when it comes to being the crossroads of the world.

People from all over the world come to live in London and bring their culture with them. I ran across a blog entry that presents an interesting perspective on this. This is what MTaylor of ModernBritish has to say:

This collision of culture has made London into the vibrant city it is today. Step into any neighbourhood in the city and there will be cuisine’s from around the world, shops selling fruits from the tropics and spices from the east. No other place in the world reflects the diversity of London. This is in part due to its geographical position. The Pacific Ocean is the antipodal point for the UK and so all land masses are in equal reach of the city. Added are its status as a transport hub and its position as Europe’s leading financial centre, the mix only seems certain to grow.

What is amazing is how the demographic changes, when leaving the city’s boundaries. On leaving London and crossing to the commuter towns of the surrounding Green Belt, it feels like another world. The shops are all neat and tidy, the accents are less rich in slang and none of the exoticness of the city seems to have made an impact beyond its borders. Traditional England has held sway despite the rapid change that has occurred in the city just a few miles away. The faces are also different from that in the city. Not just homogenised, but also different in their outlook. The frantic pace of the city has been replaced by the sedate calm of suburban contentment.

So if you are looking for a unique multicultural experience, I suggest a visit to London. You surely will not be disappointed.

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