Melt Your Worries Away At The Titanic Spa

For many city dwellers, stress is a part of life. Londoners are not exempt from this – perhaps they are even more stressed than people in other cities. Yet for all the stress that is present in one’s city life, there is always something that one can do to de-stress. We all do it in our own ways but I am sure that going to the spa is something that is agreeable to most every city dweller.

In West Yorkshire, within easy reach of London, one can melt his or her worries away at the Titanic Spa. Oh, there are spas all over the place, but Titanic Spa has the distinction of being the UK’s first eco-spa. What does that mean, though? What makes an eco-spa better than other spas?

Read their own description of their services to find out:

Titanic Spa, UK’s first Eco-Spa, has been designed within a traditional textile mill creating a brand new concept exclusively offering an unsurpassed spa experience. Favoured for its seclusion on the edge of the Pennines, this intimate spa has gone beyond the organic philosophy, offering exceptional results-driven spa treatments and products by Decléor, Elemis, Carita and ghd Spa, creating spa therapies to work in natural synergy with skin, body and mind.

You may be thinking that this is a biased description but based on other people’s testimonials, it does seem that the Titanic Spa has a way about it. Johanna Leggatt of the Telegraph tried the spa for herself and had nothing but good to say about it. If you city living is getting to you, perhaps you should try to getaway for a day and get some relaxation at the spa.

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